Very good gf/vegan banana-quinoa bread recipe

I've just made this. It's very easy and has a really nice fluffy texture. I subbed some ground almonds for some of the sugar (I didn't want it to be too sweet) and topped it with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I thought the quinoa might have a strong flavour, but it's very nice.

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  • Looks good & I have printed the recipe, but where do you buy the quinoa flour? On the Doves Farm site a search only showed 16kg sacks for wholesale!

  • Funny! I guess you'll just have to find a place for your 16kg sack of quinoa flour! I get it in small bags at the health food store. The brand is Infinity Foods Organics.

  • Hya, I buy Essential organic Quinoa flour in my local whole food shop and pay £1.94 for 500g

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