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I thought i would list thing that i was allergic to I can't believe how many. Gluten, milk,(all dairy) rubber and latex, daffodils washing up liquid (persil) clothes softeners, dog hairs although i do kenneling and breed my babies also got 5 in the house, buttercups, horseflies, fleas, wasps, pollen (mostly yellow flowers), moisturisers, nicotein patches (end up in hospital can't breath) are these all somehow related??

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You'd need to see a qualified medical allergist to work out if they are related. Certain histamine responses and latex allergies can be linked. Others maybe separate. Only an allergist can determine that - self testing is pointless.


coeliac is broken IgA response

allergies are broken IgE and IgG responses

My allergies are latex, joss sticks (patchouli), glue on shoe labels, nickel, washing powders (not Fairy), cow parsley, tree pollen, fleas, sun cream, shampoo, and my favourite of all, hamster poo. As well as coeliac, also intolerant to lactose, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

And they put Lactose in allergy tablets. Sigh.


Hi Sassyl

mine are lactose Soya and I have Hay fever plus the start of asthma, and I have both Cetirzine and nasel spray, add that the cetirizine is in syrup form, but before we start clapping hands, yesterday, I took the syrup, and last night was rolling with the pains from my gut. Now this could have been lots of things, and have to say a little worried about trying it again, but I will as I have to, have fennel tea on standby and will up date you, as it does work with allergies.

wish me luck. :?


Also have a matching and growing set...

coeliac, diabetic, thyroid problems...colophony (its in mascara, brake linings, shiny paper and sticking plasters), strawberries give me a rash..(but still eat them..). Turpentine. Some plants. Osteoporosis....Leiden Factor 5...

Am fine if I dont cut myself in hypo with bread the tears down face would need moping up with something nice (strawberry).

Have fun!!



Hey Salzado,

Good luck with the Ceterzine. Have you tried Piriton liquid? That's what I get, the stuff for babies!

I forgot gnats, mosquitos and possibly bees, although I've only been stung once and had piriton instantly (still swelled a fair bit). So many I forget! Some of my allergies trigger asthma, some stomach issues, some hayfever but it's all the same overactive immune responses.

Imagine the size of our handbags if we had allergy cards!! I do wonder Apricot how long the list will be in another 10 years.


Only today I was asked to list the things that cause my skin to break out in an itchy gets longer each year. The tell tale tingling on my lips tell me another fruit is off the menu and something has been getting at the rest of me and I can't be bothered to even think what it might be...runny nose, sneezing constantly itchy eyes. I may work it out or just live with it. I'm a coeliac with thyroid problems, asthma and eczema so I reckon they're all related...I'm naturally prone to allergic reactions to a wide range of stuff.


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