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The trouble with Trans Fats from a BBC article

This affects all of us and especially coeliac as many gluten free foods contain high amounts of trans fats. I like Mrs Crimbles chocolate macaroons and go in a cafe where they sell extra large individually wrapped ones but worry because they contain around 20% Trans fats (this is 20g per 100g)

Here's a link to the BBC artricle titled the trouble with trans fats:

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Good point Jerry. One of the main reasons I don't get food on prescription (despite it being cheaper for me to do so) is that I am concerned about many of the artificial ingredients they pack into them to make them long life / tasty (as Free From ) items. It amazed me when I was first diagnosed. So I tend to opt out of most processed Free From items as the salt, sugar, fat content seems high compared to processed naturally free from items.

Do any other coeliacs read the labels and avoid Free From items for this reason as well?


Yes I am the same. I always check the labels and am very careful about what I eat. I eat the occassional Free From item, but it's more when someone has bought it for me rather than me buying them in a shop. It makes me raise my eye brows when reading comments on social network sites and people are listing off all the Free From items they have tried/are buying and then complaining about weight gain!


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