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An article from the BBC site

I read the following article and wanted to share it with you all ..

I never realised that ground black pepper can be packed with wheat as a packing agent. The article if from February 2004 so many of you may have already seen it but for those who haven't, it may well be worth a read:

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Thanks for sharing this, it gets everywhere the dreaded gluten!

They also dust conveyor belts to stop dried fruits from sticking together the ones to watch are the mixed dried fruits.

And hotels that do a buffet style breakfast add wheat flour to scrambled eggs to make them fluffier and ''appear'' fresher.

Roll on a cure that's what I say LOL


Ps I don't think that this is right:

"Anything that's 25% or less of an ingredient doesn't have to be labelled as a separate ingredient."

It used to be any ingredient under 5% didn't have to be labelled but the food labelling laws changed about 5 years ago. So it's a miss print.


If only there were a cure around the bend - but do tell me honestly do you smell hot cooked wheat loaves and really fancy a slice nowadays? I know that the smell no longer makes me yearn for a fresh warm buttered slice these days .. in fact, I do not enjoy the smell any more at all!!


Thanks for sharing this! I've been diagnosed for over 12 years now and I'm a strict GFer. I've had problems for about 6 months and have been driven nuts trying to find out what the problem is. I've been eating dates and dried raisins so I'll stop eating these and see if the problem is resolved. I know Eat Me dates say they contain wheat but Tescos dates don't mention anything.I ate two lots of Tesco Raisins the other day and had an upset stomach the next day, maybe that's why.


Oh yes, the bulking out of spices with flour is an age-old problem.

I've had issues with supermarket-branded curry powders, for example.

These days I tend to buy Schwartz who never seem to adulterate their spices.


Thanks for this info too. I'll stick to Schwartz in future.


Surely if there is wheat flour in dried fruit and pepper it has to be declared in the ingredients?

Thanks for the warning about the scrambled eggs in hotels too. I never even thought to ask..

The practice of hiding gluten in foods where you wouldn't expect it has to be made illegal.


Well problem is that the adulteration usually takes place in a third world country where most of the spices come from. They add flour to bulk it out (make the spice go further). They will sell it as curry powder - 100% and unless the manufacturer tests it they would not know gluten was in there.


Also be aware when eating out ---the humble "safe "jacket potato and cheese can be suspect as some cafes/restaurants use flour on their cheese to make grating easier. You need to be specific.


Hi, Schwarz say there products are made on a production unit that handles gluten therefore cross contamination though unlikely may occur. Sharwoods and Morrisons own brands are


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