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Oat flour in super market own brand biscuits

I've just been in my local Co-op and saw some new Co-op chocolate sandwich biscuts in the free from section labelled as gf and the main intgredient is sugar followed by oat flour.

Being a coeliac who can not tolerate oats this is bad news and makes me even more wary of using the term gf to describe my diet. And I fear this is just the begining as oat products seem to be taking over the free from section.

I also thought that coeliac should not introduce oats in the first year of diagnosis and not to eat more than 50g in 24hrs.


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I fell for that too Tesco biccy's sad that we even have to read free from ingredients list


I sent this to CUK and they have kindly replied stating that it is down to the new Eu regulations on gluten free labelling and that CUK do understand how missleading this is to oat intolerant coeliac.

My worry is for coeliac children whose friends parents could easily buy these biscuits and think that they were safe for all coeliac. And I think this will become an issue in the future as more and more supermarket free from foods now use oat flour. I believe the same manufacturer makes 'own brand' foods as this is happening in Tesco's the Co-op and Asda so far and will spread. I also notice that Nairns not only have oats for porridge in the free from section but oat cakes and oat cheese biscuits now.

I also thought that coeliac who could tolerate oats were supposed to limit their intake of oats to 50g per day so I am confused by all this and find it depressing.


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