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after going to see my dietitican on thursday told her about my diet and what i can and cant eat and she asked me if i have had my blood tested for chroans disease or cealic sorry not spelt that correctly i said yes but it came back normal and she said that if i eat gluten free it can make my test normal so she recommends i eat gluten and wheat products until i get the tests also i am getting tested for allergies and i.b.d as my i.b.s has changed for the worse also i get severe chronic pain before and after empting bowels and now i have weak bladder and have a prolaspe and i try not to get stressed and i am awaiting a c.t scan of my kidneys as blood in urine which i have been getting for yrs on and off and kidney stones twice and prone to infections hopefully get a diagnosis

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Oh dear, you are in the wars! Chin up and keep smiling - you'll get through it. You should ask your doc for an endoscopy - when they take a biopsy of the stomach that will give a definitive answer whether or not you are a coeliac! Good Luck


Hi Kat, wow, I can't believe how many things you have to deal with. It sounds awful. Unfortunately you do have to eat gluten to get a positive test.

I had to eat gluten for 6 weeks before my first endoscopy last August, I couldn't tolerate it and had to go back for a second in November. I only had to eat gluten for 3 days prior to that endoscopy. I don't know how much you have to have in your system for blood tests though.

If you have appointments booked for more tests see if you can speak to a gastro consultant at your local hospital for advice on how long you need to eat it for. I don't know if its possible to get a phone call or email but its worth a shot.


You normally need to eat gluten for at least 3 - 6 weeks before your coeliac blood test. Given all your health problems it is well worth asking your GP - if your blood test is postive - whether they can recommend a capsule biopsy or / and genetic test instead. The gold standard for coeliac disease confirmation is positive blood test + then a biopsy to check for flattened villi. No one really wants the biopsy as it can be daunting even with sedation- so it's worth asking about the other follow up tests as some trusts are now considering other forms of follow up tests e.g camera pill which would show flattened villi as well.


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