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Rice noodles – a naturally GF and DF product

Rice noodles – a naturally GF and DF product

One of the most important things I have learned since we became a ‘free from’ family is that the ‘world food’ aisles of the supermarkets hold many hidden treasures. Not all foods on the Free From shelves are suitable for us, as too many have dairy. And not all foods elsewhere in store are unsuitable. There are a good number that are naturally gluten free and dairy free, and rice noodles are a great example of this. They are easy to find, not particularly expensive, easy to cook, versatile and delicious to eat. A perfect ‘free from’ food.

They are becoming easier to find too. Just this week I have seen Tesco and Asda have stocked their own in their chiller sections with the packs of prepared stir fry veg. Both supermarkets had deals on the noodles if you buy with the veg and a sauce. A rare bargain.

When you shop DF and GF you are used to paying over the top for everything, so when you find something suitable that is discounted and with the ‘normal’ foods, you start feel that there is hope!

As well as the own brand noodles, I have found some branded ones which are quite widely available. Amoy, who make a variety of oriental ingredients and products have launched a delicious rice noodle, that has ‘gluten free’ clearly flagged on the packaging. Rice noodles, should by nature, be gluten free, so I doubt they have gone to any trouble to launch a gluten free product. They have just cottoned on to the fact that they have a naturally gluten free product and want a ‘piece of the action’.

Here is a link to them.

I have tried them and they are delicious. I used them when I had another crack at my Malaysian style chicken curry earlier in the week. They went beautifully together and as with all gluten free products that I have tried, I didn’t feel ‘stuffed’ afterwards.

Here is the link to the curry recipe – just in case you want to try them together.

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spring roll wraps are gf too - another amusing way to provide variety


Fab idea. Will try those. Thanks so much.


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