Prescription cereals

Prescription cereals

So. I know it's a bit late in the day, but I have never had any GF food on prescription since my diagnosis almost 10 years ago.

But with these tricky financial times I'm looking to cut back in many ways. I've downgraded my car, I cut my own hair and I thought I wonder if its worthwhile starting to get my brekkie cereals and bread on prescription (for as long as that lasts *sigh*)

I suspect however that the bread and cereal will be the poorest cheapest example ..hmmm worth asking my GP I guess..

Well failing that here's a picture of a puppy to make us smile.. :)

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  • I can get bread but my doctor won't let me have cereal :( however my dad has the same doctor and does get cereal!! It's still worth a try.

  • Hi weee,

    I have been testing out the prescription idea and had a 3 month pre-paid card. There is a list of prescribable items on the CUK website:

    I would discuss it with your doctor to see what they are prepared to prescribe. My doctor has been great and not questioned anything I have asked for - even the biscuits that I wanted to try. I get the Genius Brown Bread which is OK but still I toast it. The problem with most of the bread is that it comes in packs of 6 to 8 loafs so storage can be a problem. Genius comes in 6's so I freeze 5 and just work my way through it. If you are buying bread and maybe other things like Pasta and Flour mix regularly then it is worth it - if you go for the 1 year pre-paid card then it gets even cheaper - less than a tenner a month which as we all know is about the cost of a loaf per week.

    With regards cereals I can't comment as I don't really go for them - I did get some of the Nairns Porridge Oats but after reading all the questionable stuff about Oats thought I'd stay away. The other problem I have found is that the logisitcs of the prescrition process is a bind! I take a list to the doctors and they do the prescription ( generally not all the items ) - this goes to the Pharmacy and they try order the things - some will be in stock some won't etc. etc. Last month I took my list to the docs on the 14th and got my bread on the 1st of this month.

    I am still playing around with things though so hopefully when I have decided what will be my usual monthly list it should improve. Thats all I can say really but I would say it's worth a try for 3 months and see how you get on.

  • Hello, I get my bread on prescription and its from glutafin 4 fibre rolls in a packet, we are allowed 14 units a month= 14 packets of 4 bread Rolls, I find these very good,

    I have not requested Cereal, although Gluten Free cereal is expensive compared to other cereals, I found in Morrison, Whole Earth Cornflakes Naturally Gluten free at £1.35 a box, Good luck x

  • Great Mazz! I'm off to get some.

    (It must be the only GF thing Morrisons stock!)

  • I do hope your Morrison stock them sassy, try and tell me how you get on, Morrison also stock Gluten free sauces in a jar, sweet & sour etc on a day when you feel that you do not want to cook from scratch, and as a treat Asda have a pkt of 5 chocolate or chocolate caramel coated wafers for 99p, Good hunting

  • If you use certain types of prescription bread you can store it on the roof if you want as it has a really long shelf life--- My gp allowed me to try different prescription breads/biscuits and flour before I settled on my choice --I have not approached him about cereals, and I admit to not ordering the biscuits as I find them really greasy ( my own choice) My chemist is also very good and it only takes 2 days to get my stuff --apart from the bank hols ---Why does the system work for some and not for others

  • I get Nature's Path organic GF Munch from B & M - not on prescription though, I haven't tried with my doctor. It's not dear anyway (forgot what i paid). I have tried most bread but now I love warburtons GF bread and white rolls, they are lovely!

  • Prescriptions in Scotland are free so that should be ok. I hate going to my GP when I feel well but yes I think I'll go see what they can do for me and let you know.


  • I make my own bread from Juvela gf mix (white flour) and juvela gf fibre mix (brown) available on prescription (free here in wales too thank goodness)

    the white mix is great for sauces, gravy etc. and makes a mean white loaf and the brown with seeds makes a lovely breakfast toast

  • I was lucky enough to be allowed cereal on my first ever prescription. I have Juvela fibre flakes 2 boxes a month (note the boxes are small and you will be lucky to get 8 days breakfasts out of them). Also allowed 6 loaves of genius. I consider myself very fortunate. I think it was the dietitians influence which helped the GP was initially mean and said I was pushing my luck asking for 3 items a month!

  • Haven't asked about cereals yet. Th eprocess where I live (Durham) is pretty easy. I get a letter once a year from my GP to take to my chosen pharmacy and deal directly with the pharmacist for the prescriptions, If i put my order in by Monday supplies are there on Thursday. the pharmacist reminds me when I need an updated letter and this usually takes a couple of days.

    I get the Juvela fresh bread which comes in cases of 8 loaves and usually some longer life bread rolls as well. I get packs of juvela pizza bases too which are a decent size, about 1cm thick and bake really well. They come in a pack of 2 and I just frezze the second base until I feel like pizza again.

    I am allowed to order 14 units of GF products a month but generally put in an order about every 6 weeks. Most of the units are taken up by the bread

  • Maybe I should order stuff for you all - I can order 3kg pasta, 6 baguettes, 8 part-baked rolls and 8 loaves a month. Only problem is I can't eat it any more!!! ;-)

  • hi there, ask your GP if you can get the new Juvella cereals. We ordered there new special flakes, fibre flakes and oats a few weeks ago and they are great.

  • Hi - I was also a it sceptical about prescription breads etc as I thought they would be the least tasty. It's not for me, but for my 8 year old son. He was diagnosed in December, and I remember our first try out of GF bread was of the Genius type, which I know is most popular. He absolutely hated it, and for weeks we just avoided bread and used pitta's with soup of lunch. However we then joined the Glutafin and Juvela websites, and they sent us the most amazing sample packs with all their types of breads. My son loved the rolls, baguettes, and sliced bread too. Their cake and bread mixes are great too, and I now use these for all baking - none of us eat 'normal' flour anymore. They both have great recipes for bread and cakes / biscuits on their websites. I now get a comination of bread mixes, breads, rolls etc on presciption each month, and these are the only brands of breads my son will eat!

    So give them a go - or at least register on their website for the samples (I was amazed at how much they sent us!)...

  • Thanks so much for this. 10 year old son just diagnosed and he too isn't very keen on genius bread. I'm actually waiting on the juvela and glutafin samples to arrive - glad to hear that there's a chance he'll like some of it!

    Also, on the subject of baking bread, I read that sparkling water instead of normal water can really help with rising - haven't tried it yet though.

  • Hi.

    My GP is rubbish and always complain about my orders but the pharmacist & Dietician are fantastic! I have just had 2 boxes of fibre flakes by juvela and they are gorgeous!!

    I also use Glutafin Gluten & wheat free white mix which is great for pastry and buns.

    Livwell Toasting Breadbuns & Livwell flatbreads! Not allowed to order biscuits though!

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