Gluten Free Guerrillas

Coeliac Map

I just discovered this little gem a couple of days ago.

It's essentially an interactive map of gluten free venues which you can add to by adding venues of your own, and reviews of your own or other peoples venues.

It also works in conjunction with an Android phone app available for free on the android marketplace. The app allows you to do everything you can do on the website from the phone too. That is, review or add a venue, and search for venues nearby. It also uses your GPS to find out where you are and automatically provide you with a list of venues.

I used the app today in Edinburgh and it was a godsend as an instant source of reliable suggestions of where to go and eat or have a coffee etc. You can even navigate to it directly from the app itself. I even added a couple of places to the map whilst sitting in them, drinking my coffee and eating my lovely banana cake :D

I'd really recommend it to anyone with a gluten problem and I'd encourage you all to at least use the website ( it's obviously still in it's early stages but works fine ). It can only improve as more people use and add to the database, so get out there and get mapping venues!


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