Eating out part two

Yesterday I went to Wagamama for lunch, checked out the menu and asked the staff for rice noodles instead of the wheat ones. She looked at the menu at my order, I said I am a Coeliac (I did not mention "GF" at all), she said there were several things I could not have so they would change them. The meal turned up, very tasty I cleared my plate and today no problems what so ever.

Having completed a survey its back to Chiquita for my free Fajita next week.

You can get good food, good service where ever you go and there will be occasions you cannot be catered for.

Do not be scared to talk to the staff!

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  • I agree. Also, if people don't seem too clued up, help them out. In an Indian restaurant where I couldn't have the naan, I was offered chips instead. (I'm not really a chip fan these days.) A quick question showed that chips were cooked in the same deep fat fryer as everything else, so "no thanks".

    In a different restaurant where we'd been told the vegetarian thali was fine for GF (we won't let it get anywhere near the bread - bloody naan, again), friend was concerned about the onion bhaji - thinking there was flour. I asked the guy who, very patiently explained that it was gram flour (from chick peas - I already knew that, but was reassured that the told me) and that they hardly ever used wheat flour in the cooking - apart from the breads.

    And when you find good places, compliment them and use them again - as pretender seem to be doing.

  • I find eating out at restaurants sometimes easier as they usually know about ingredients (not always) and questioning is acceptable , but friends often haven't a clue and add all sorts of things that they think are gluten free, or don't even think about, and constantly questioning is not at all nice with friends. the longer one is gluten free the more tedious social occasions, they think I am just pernickety, I sometimes don't say anything, eat well before going out and just push things round on a plate, ok if buffet, and leave it.

  • I'm in Ireland this week and finding it really easy to eat out. Coeliac seems to be understood and well catered for. Highlight so far has been a two Michelin star blowout at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin... The best meal I've ever had! We both had the tasting menu, gluten free. Only one thing had to be adapted to GF.

  • Hi there, well I'm glad that you're enjoying your holiday and as for the best meal that you've ever had I think that praise like this should be shared and even if the restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin is on the coeliac map I think that a review stating this would be in everyones best interests for obvious reasons, if the restaurant isn't on their map it should be!

    I believe there is a high incidence of CD in Ireland but good for them anyway and you carry on enjoying your break.

  • Is Chiquito and Wagamama on the map? Any good restaurant will cater for people with health issues if they want your custom its not just about a "gf" menu.

  • Also catering for Coeliac's are the Harvester in Ashford (Coeliac waitress), Plough at Hougham, Mayfly at Hawkinge, Gurkha Palace at Sandgate, Marlowe Restaurant at Canterbury,

  • Is coeliac disease better understood than gluten free? When ordering foods. I find coeliac is.

  • Yay! So glad you had a good experience. I'm loving using Gluugle to find safe restaurants for my partner and I. It's so nice to be able to enjoy a meal out rather than worrying about the after effects.

  • I do not research any cafe's or restaurants I just turn up state my problem either eat or go. On Wednesday I had a roast dinner at the Toby Carvery at Broadstairs, have eaten there several times without any problems. All you have to do is say your a Coeliac and your looked after. I have another free Fajita at Chiquito's to enjoy in the next few weeks

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