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Negativity and negative outcomes

OK, so this one will be less of a rant (although I can't promise completely rant free). After changing my GP, I recieved a set of blood resutls on Monday and they're apparently all normal, a long with a negative for coeliac. I was met with some familiar questions 'How are your relationships with your parents?' etc. I'm told that I could have depression and IBS and they're just keeping me in a vicious cycle. That's just what my last doctor told me. But you know what they say- if you tell someone something enough- it'll become true. True! I'm so depressed with this brick wall work.

From my Monday app. I came away with a questionnaire and yet another form for a coeliac screen. 3rd time lucky- hopefully. However, if it comes back negative, I won't be referred on to anyone else. And lord knows I'll probably need anti-depressants after that!

I refuse to believe that this is all down to 'depression and IBS'; they are excuses to me, encompassing my symptoms. What I say is that there MUST be a cause for this, depression isn't a disease you catch and get rid of with the neurological equivalent of anti-biotics (which I'd probably be prescribed if I had a broken leg!!).

So, even if my diagnosis is negative, I'll be eating Gluten Free as soon as I can. If this forum has taught me anything, it's that my body knows my body best. And my body doesn't like gluten, end of. When I move away to Uni, my fridge shall be full of fresh fruit and veg, rice, meat and potatoes. I can't wait.

Silent Coeliac x

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Hi Abby - sorry to hear you're having a hard time being diagnosed. Have your Drs tested for IgG and IgA problems? Some coeliacs test negative for one so testing for both is mentioned in medical guidance online. Also low B12, Vitamin D, iron and thyroid can all mess with your moods. So it's worth checking if your Dr has tested for those.

Do keep us tested. Often Drs have targets to hit for diagnosing certain conditions - blood pressure, depression etc so it's easy to see why they ask key questions. Ultimately you know your body well and it is worth persevering even if you feel low and fed up. It can take 10yrs or more for a coeliac to be diagnosed so you are not alone. Also eating well and doing some exercise will help boost your mood so you can fully explain that you're doing all the right things when you see the Dr.

Do keep us posted on progress.

Best wishes



Hi Abby ... Listen to your body. I have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Depression, Hypothyroid, arthritis etc ... the list is huge. I also have the genetic DNA marker for gluten intollerance and the predisposition for Celiac Disease. Whether you have Celiac Disease or IBS, the perscribed diet is gluten free. I look at it this way ... I listen to what my body tells me and it screams DON'T Eat Gluten! So I don't ...I eat cooked fruit, cooked vegetables, fish, seafood, chicken, a little red meat once in a while, lactose free dairy, decafinated beverages, lots of water and a few strachy vegetables. I avoid processed foods ... so, do what's right for you. Listen to your body. Go with your gut ... if you'll excuse the pun Ü


Haha, I can quite literally listen to it (at risk of sounding insane)- I do often find myself in conversation with a growling tum!

Your list is a familiar one Liana: my mum also has IBS, depression, fibromyalga and arthiritus, but she won't get tested for coeliacs

because she doesn't want to 'limit' herself- even though she's almost completely physically limited due to pain. So did you have a

positive blood screen?

Thank you Fiona, I just don't want to go in seeming like I've self diagnosed (they don't like that one bit apparently!). I am going

through the motions at the moment, just eradicating some of the possibilites- its just SO long winded. But, I guess patience is a

virtue and I haven't been at this for 10 years yet! Its just nasty when you're in pain and you know that one small

change can completely change that.

Will do indeed keep everyone posted though :)


Its a shame your mum wont look at limiting her gluten, I have arthritis/fibromyalgia/polymyalgia amongst others and as i was severely deficient they tested my for coeliac - which was nergative, however i discovered that a gluten free diet drastically decreased my pain and for that reason i will now always stick to it; in fact when i do accidently take in gluten i have all the abdominal upset symptoms,

so i wouldnt worry er the tests and stick to what your body is telling you, It amy be an intolerance/sensitivity which i dont believe there is a test for yet

My dr (whom is very good) tells my that he thinks i have something that there isnt a test for and there are conditions that fall into that area, as long at it makes you feel better by not having gluten then stick with it


you can have negative celiac results and STILL be gluten intolerant/celiac so dont listen to doctors listen to your body!!!!!! go gluten free xx


Hi did you govgluten free? What happened??


Hiya. I've been gluten free for a year and a half and never felt better. At first, I was tempted by gluten-filled goodies, but I've learnt that it's not worth the damage. I can honestly say, after 6 months or so, I have not knowingly touched the stuff, or wanted to. My weight is consistent, my tummy has settled and I'm significantly less tired; the amount of energy and time I've put into my studies is something I would have, before, thought impossible. I'm still undiagnosed officially, but everyone is willing to support my lifestyle, once I explained my story. I don't mingle with those that don't accept it. I've been hospitalised twice, from accidental ingestion, so it's quite widely accepted that it's best left and not worth the official diagnosis. I just can't keep enough gluten in me for it work...and now I wouldn't even want to. More and more products are becoming available, more places are offering something. I'm excited for the gluten free future.


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