is it just me... or do other cd sufferers get offered fruit starter and vegetables every time they eat out?

after having cd for years i have only ever been offered fruit as a starter ie melon, and vegetables for the main meal or slamon and salad...i have had a few who have said just have the vegetables and gravy.. or.. try the sauce that should be ok??

why arnt more restaraunts more gluten free aware???

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  • I find this often and even chefs do not know what CD is. In weatherspoons they serve gluten free food, there is a leaflet, freely available, for us to check against their menu.

    If you ring up and ask most places they will accomodate you dietary needs, best for special occassions, but then if its a quick snack explaning what you can and can't eat, as a coeliac I beleive we should be educating people, and they should be able to remove the gravy or whatever contains gluten.

    I know it is frustrating but since we live with cd we have to teach others what it is, just as we had to learn what we could eat xx

  • I haven't eaten out yet, I have been avoiding it like the plague, as I have quite immediate reactions to non gluten food.

    I did a lot of my own cooking though and was actually researching some GF stuff when I found out I had CD.(I go to a long weekend camping in the summer and I run a cake stall, some vegans and folks with CD asked if I could make some stuff for them this year).

    Thanks heaps for the info about Wetherspoons, at least if mates ask me out now I have somewhere safe to eat that doesn't cost the earth!

  • I also find Harvesters are very accommodating and willing to look up anything on the menu which is suitable whatever the intolerance/allergy of disease

  • I agree with manga. If you know you're going to eat out you can plan ahead by looking for GF restaurants or phoning ahead to ask what gluten free options there are. If the restaurant owner wants your custom they will make sure they have something that you would like that is GF. If they aren't interested in your custom you can usually tell, and they aren't worth visiting.

    When you can't plan ahead it gets more challenging. You can make this challenge as easy or difficult as you like. Its easy to just accept what they offer, but it might be a baked potato with baked beans, or an omellete, and a fruit salad.

    I don't know if you like Indian food, but they reckon your best chance of getting a GF meal is in an Indian restaurant. Most currys can be made without wheat flour. That's why the 'standard' GF dish in many English restaurants ( including Wetherspoons) is a chicken tikka or korma.

    If you like pasta, how about carrying a packet of GF with you or putting one in the car. I would think most Italian restaurants would be able to cook a gF pasta sauce and boil your own pasta for you.

    It's more difficult if you insist on having chips that are fried in oil that hasn't had gluten in it, and a sauce on your steak that has been made with cornflour.

    I agree with the comment about Wetherspoons. They list a few interesting meals on their menus and are useful because you find them nearly everywhere. In airports they are usually my only option.

    You aren't likely to find GF bread in a restaurant that you visit on impulse. When you do go to a restaurant, as manga says, its important to try to educate the staff, and the chef if you can speak to them. Its difficult sometimes, but you can get a great feeling of satisfaction by working to get a good meal, and don't forget to tell everyone where you succeeded and where you didn't.

  • Lets praise the good places...and tell lots of others....where we have had a wonderful experience.

    It makes such a difference...the small triumphs....whoo hoo....

    Yes we all have stories of the no-nos....we should be used to it...but arent.....

    Hope you all have your wellies on....drought?? what drought??

  • If you are going to eat out phone ahead, explain what you cant have and why Gluten Dairy etc...usually they are very accommodating..having said that 'We went to a Harvester..having phoned ahead...was assured they could cater for there explained again what we couldn't eat .....the chef even came out and guarruanteed our choices had no gluten and that nothing was cooked in butter etc...WHAM gluttened and dairyed?...might be a 3 minute dismissal to them....its a 6 week recovery for us? our lot is not helped with the current increase in 'NON GLUTEN DIETERS' although this may drive the cost of food in supermarkets down a little...people will think we are fad eaters and its ok to feed us Gluten/Dairy......Nope!

  • I've been GF for 22 years and I eat out all the time, I mostly phone ahead to tell them that I am going, Di'Maggios is a fantastic place to just go out of the blue! They always have gluten free pasta available and the chefs will do all they can to accomodate you! They change things around in the starters so that you can have almost anything on the menu and the same with the main courses, and while they can only guarentee that the ice cream for dessert is gf, its a dessert none the less! Chiquitos (mexian) is also fantastic, handmade burger company also provide you with a run down of whats guten free- take your own roll but the burgers are to die for! Also, Yo! Sushi are also very knowledgeable and they offer you gf soysauce! There is a place called Leons in London that is fantastic! they have a menu full of gluten free dairy free and vegetarian options - including cakes!!

    I find looking up resturants online before I go helpfull too, especially chain ones as they have a break down of their nutritional information on there so you can see for yourself whats gf! But please dont deprive yourself of eating out and enjoying good food!

  • thank you for your suggestions...sounds like there are quite a few who can eat out and have appetising meals ..i unfortunately have not...and i have rang them first to check and they say yes gf variety available but when i get there its not very exciting,and as much as i like vegetables i also enjoy nice flavoured meals which is why i dont eat out much...i shall certainly ring my indian though to check if they do gf choice

  • Hi, I've been diagnosed for 21 years now and eat out all the time. If you are willing to research and plan ahead and phone places then you'll get great food. I have to say that there are some very fussy eaters out there who do think that everyone should be able to cater for us and that is just not real life. i do get to eat really good food but often don't have a wide choice although some chefs will do anything to give me a good meal. Years ago, I used to take my own pasta to Zizzis which they cooked for they have a huge menu, as do Carluccios, Browns, tons of small restaurants all around the country. What sort of food do you want to eat Maddy? Maybe if you tell us then we may be able to help you more.

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