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Should humans be eating any grains at all?

I have been reading quite a lot on the web recently that puts forward the theory that grains, specifically the whole grain, being a seed contains elements that actually harm humans.

Rather than me trying to explain, I have found quite a good link which has a brief outline on a video and then details written below. As there are also several references to gluten I found it quite enlightening.

I would be quite interested in peoples opinions of this theory.

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This is the article that is referred to which specifically talks about coeliac disease and is taken from the New York Times Magazine:


The theory goes that mankind has evolved to eat only tiny amounts of grain, not the quantities that are now eaten. Seeds naturally contain toxic chemicals to protect them, they are after all their way of reproducing. Animals that eat seeds evolve mechanisms to combat the toxins. As we've only been eating seeds in huge quantities for the last 10,000 years then the theory goes that we haven't evolved to deal with them

As its a theory you have to decide but for me it is a compelling argument. If it is true I'm not sure how the world will adapt to feed everyone.


The main Gluten Free Guerrila's page has has an article on grains and why to avoid them.


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