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Gordon Banks 'Coeliac Debate' in Parliament 7th Sept 2011

I only came across this entry in Hansard yesterday and found it fascinating reading. I guess someone else probably already posted a link to it, but all the same, some of us missed it.

Scroll down to 2:30 pm when the debate started.

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Thanks for sharing philaustin, it was an interesting read. It (to me) shows just how prevalent coeliac/gluten intolerance is, despite many of our gps' seeming ignorance of or lack of interest in it. Great to know that it has been discussed at Parliamentary level. Wish this kind of reference would replace the drivel being portrayed in the mass media at the mo (ie about gluten avoidance being a faddy diet and unnecessary/harmful etc).


It contains discussion on many different aspects of CD. Especially interesting - how the NHS could save a lot of money by getting GPs to be more aware so that they detect CD earlier and avoid all the pain, worry, lost working hours,tests, cost of incorrect medicines and appointments that take typically 13 years before CD is diagnosed.

I can't understand why this is happening if the NHS is so desperate to save money. The cost of providing gluten free food to diagnosed coeliacs must be much lower.

Perhaps the NHS prefers having lots more patients. Less patients could mean less power and lower pay for the high earners in the NHS.

Perhaps the gluten free food industry is making huge profits out of people who think they are allergic to gluten but have never seen a GP about their problem.

Also interesting - how they managed to swing GF meals in Parliament. Our works canteen has been closed and replaced by a snack wagon that serves only gluten. For emergency 'snacks' we have a pile of crisps (contaminated) and chocolate bars (contaminated, except for Curly Wurlys!). I wonder what Gordon Banks would make of that. We work hard to bring money into this country. I wish Mr Banks was my MP. I would write to him.

Unfortunately our MP is a Tory who would probably doesnt care about Britain exporting engineering products and would rather see our company closed down and replaced with half a dozen 6 bedroomed luxury homes for financial consultants.


Sorry, I shouldn't rant about politics on this site.


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