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Last night was the last time I'm eating out!!

Wish I hadnt now, but you know when you just want to be normal. Getting friendly with a lady and thought I'd be ok at Nandos.. Everyone else raves on how goid they are etc. So I spoke to the chef who didn't understand so I then asked the manager, who seemed to be helpfull, I asked for part of the grill cleaned etc.. Waste of time.. 2 hrs later I looked 6 months pregnant. And now have the usual painfull stitch in my left side now for the rest of the week prob.. I give up!

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Unfortunately Ian with food chains, despite what is directed back at Head Office, individual branches can often do their 'own thing'.

We had some issues with Nandos last year. After compiling information on local practices in several branches we liaised with a senior contact at HO and found that they were very keen to hear of our experience. Following discussions, new directives were sent out and our experience since then has been very good. We still ask to speak to the manager whenever we visit and make our requirements clear. It's disappointing to hear that you've had such a bad experience which has made you unwell.

Could you share with us details of what you had to eat?


I had half a plain chicken.. Spicy rice.. And mash

It's dawned on me since that I'm now lacto free too so maybe there was butter in it.... But up until a few wks ago I was still eating dairy without any pains.. I get this stitch when I have been glutened


Ian you might find this link useful: All stores carry a Food & Menu specification book and even though we know what we'll likely have we make a point of going through this with the manager just to reassure outselves that they know what we're talking about.

The link shows the spicy rice does indeed contain butter. It may be that as you've cut dairy out, eating just a small amount produces a reaction.

Many people have Coeliacs with no symptoms whatsoever. But, after being diagnosed and going on a gf diet, eating a small amount of gluten then causes a big reaction.


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