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Howdy Y'all!

Does anyone else have BIG problems with their teeth?

I know CD in children can cause underdeveloped tooth enamel etc, but even though I have been GF for 8 years, I still have more cavaties than teeth, and require a full 3 or so hours worth of dental surgery every year!

This is despite using high flouride mouthwash and toothpaste :(

I guess I really just want to know I'm not alone in this!

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My enamel is pretty bad - now I know I have Coeliac I know that teeth problems are associated with CD but no-one really discusses it do we?! I use that pro-enamel toothpaste (tastes poor) yet the dentist says it helps the teeth.

I bet others on here have a few teeth tips for you.


Yep, I have problems due to autoimmune problems. Mainly gum disease. Enamel was bad and that resulted in my having several crowns put in. These now add another problem. Went to see a serious gum man and it looks like I should be devoting at least 2hrs a day to cleaning every area of my mouth. Not really practical. I've got those tiny brushes that look like bottle brushes. I prefer them to the floss which I find gets stuck and then panic that I'm going to end up with floss ribbons hanging out of my mouth forever after :-)


I lost a lot of teeth before I was eleven due to decay. That was fifty years ago.It was blamed either on the sweets that I ate or the iron medicine I had to take for years to try to cure the anaemia I had.

I didn't eat a lot of sweets. There was no fluoride in the water back then. I just think I have always had coeliac disease but it never got diagnosed .


Hi Panda Girl. Please do not take this the wrong way.

I was asked to help a coeliac who was diagnosed with no ysmptoms of being coeliac except she had osteopeenia and was very anaemic. As she was only 29 decided that a codex malt and oat free gf diet was best for her as she could eat anything and it didnt upset her stomach. When she was 32 she rang me and told me how she had laughed at me when I had said I wouldn't eat marmite because it is made with spent brewers yeast so it must contain malt and she thought as she was a qualified Nutritionist I was being over the top. After over 2 years on her gf diet she was still anaemic and had now developed oeteoporosis and was worried about having children being so anaemic and she remembered what I had said about marmite so she stopped eating it and within a month everyone was asking had she been on holiday as she looked so well. A blood test proved her iron levels were rising and a year later she gave birth to very healthy twins.

So in my opinion you answered your own question when you said you could tolerate 200ppm foods and the question I would like to ask is, can you?



ThatPandaGirl -

I also have HUGE problems with my teeth (and I have the dental bills to prove it). I finally got a new dentist a couple of years ago, and he was the one who suggested that I try a gluten-free toothpaste because my enamel is so bad and they could be connected. (He recommended Dr. Nate's Naturals, which I like because it's also SLS-free, but I think there are other ones out there.) He also said I should try sucking on xylitol-based mints or gum because that would improve the saliva flow in my mouth. I think it's made a big difference - after years and years of cavities every single time I went to the dentist, I've now gone almost a year without anything new. I think you can get Dr. Nate's online, actually ( or you could ask your dentist. I have to say the endodontist wasn't much help, but I think dentists are more up to date on this stuff.


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