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Can codex wheat starch cause long term damage in same way as gluten

If diagnosed with Coeliac, and find you also react to wheat - i.e. not able to tolerate codex wheat starch, if you then have wheat starch, such as in gluten free Juvela bread, will this still continue to cause damage to the villi in the gut in the same way gluten does, or does it only give you 'symptomatic' problems. Hope this makes sense

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If you are sensitive to codex wheat starch as a coeliac then yep it will.


Hospital has Juvela bread, Pharmasist doing her rounds introduced herself, as the bread was on bedside table I pointed the Codex starch out to her as a matter of interest seeing that poorly coeliacs might be better having non gluten bread. Her reply was I dont know you had better speak to your doctor about it. She also said I was eating a lot of gf food. That was odd as I have well below allowance. Patient next to me said What does she expect you to eat,normal bread also. Should think other meals may contain codex starch. Personally I do not have codex starch. In hospital the choice is theirs.


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