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Advice wanted

I have coeliac disease and one of my daughters has just been diagnosed. When talking to another daughter asking her to get tested she says she doesn't have any symptoms however during the conversation she said she had only passed water instead of stools for as long as she can remember. I said she should be checked but she isn't concerned about it. What do you think I should do. Concerned Mum

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I didn't have an experience with this, but I heard it discussed on a radio interview. Has her kidneys been checked? I wish I knew more about this topic so I could help you.


It's just my opinion ,not medically trained, but if course that is not normal and I would strongly advise her to see her doctor. She may feel ok but her body will not be getting the nutrients it needs to function properly leading to many problems. Good luck with persuading her.


all first degree relatives should be tested routinely once one is found with coeliac disease. Make it sound like something very normal for you daughter rather than letting her decide. People can have coeliac disease and only get identified very late in life as it affects people differently, but in the meantime lots of non gastro problems can arise.

If your GP hasnt offered this I'd go and see them and explain your concerns and ask for your daughter to receive a routine 'please come and see me' letter.

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I’d try to convince her to see her Doc and get tested, it certainly sounds as if she has C.D. Not everyone has symptoms that would be considered as having Coeliac. Either way watery stools aren’t normal. You could always google “normal poo” and you’d get pics of drawings to show your daughter. X

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Hi MDJ2016,

From your other posts I’m guessing your daughter is an adult and maybe married? If so then the task of persuading her becomes somewhat more difficult. Maybe enlist the help of her partner? In any event water instead of stools is not normal and needs investigation to find the cause.

I am asymptomatic and only got diagnosised via a routine blood test (low B12 and Folic Acid). Whilst it is very temping to stay on gluten, I know the potential harm it could be doing ‘silently’ within my body, so I an 100% GF.

Your daughter may be reluctant to get tested through fear/impact on her lifestyle/ responsibilities maybe children etc.. Maybe a chat to your GP may help. Counselling your daughter using the feedback from your GP may add weight to your endeavours.

Best of luck!



I have a son who may be coeliac like me, but he isn't iron deficient or lacking in energy and he (an adult) choses not to be tested although he does have occasional gastric difficulties. I respect his adult reasoning, he has seen the extreme difficulties I had when I was first on a gluten free diet and became hyper-sensitive to gluten and ill all the time. Also, the strictures which ruin sharing food and mar eating out when one has a strict gluten-free diet. It is his decision whether or not he gets tested and not up to me to irritate him by cajoling or pushing because it is his body, not mine.

I think you can only ensure your daughter is fully informed and let her decide. I think I have read recently that the cancer risk for undiagnosed coeliacs is nothing like as high as it was previously thought to be.

Best wishes



I thought that I didn't have any symptoms. But went to see the doctor for something else. I mentioned that I dropped off at the wrong times. He took blood, later called for me to go for an endoscopy and here I am-coeliac for the rest of my days. That as 26 years ago and the thing I miss most is a decent pint☺


Ps. I also have to take folic acid tablets and have B12 injections


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