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Gone Gluten free but, started with tummy pains again.


I’m gone gluten free since September as I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

It seemed to be working as my results Thyroid, anti body results have reduced and I feel so much better.

However, I’ve started to notice that I am having the same symptoms as before I went gluten free, tummy cramps, trapped wind.

I thought at first it was mushrooms that caused me issues but now anything I eat my tummy doesn’t like, and I feel bloated.

The other day I was doubled over in pain and then the following day my tummy felt tender.

There’s no way I’m eaten something that isn’t gluten free by accident as I’m so careful and prepare food myself etc.

What would be the next step to rule out what is causing me issues.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hello Yes I have similar complaints to you, Hashimoto and arthritis in my hands, really quite painful mort of the time, I'm on a Gluten and lactose free diet, self imposed for a year Now. To begin made wonderful progress but after 3-4 months symptôms started again. I'm on T4+3 medication but with lactose excipient, I'm trying to find an alternative wthout lactose I read that on a Gluten free diet we can become intolérant to other products after a time, need to check on this point, lactose is à probably à problem area for you. Check your meds for Hashimoto also. Avoid too much sugar of course, maybe check vitamine, ferrite etc.

Et Be interested to find out more for you and taking food intolerance tests soon so will have more news on my condition. Hope this helps à little

Penel in reply to vivbr

Hi Vivbr

It's unlikely that being on a gf diet makes you prone to become more intolerant of other products. If your body/ immune system cannot handle something like gluten there's a strong possibility it may not be able to handle other foods.

vivbr in reply to Penel

I didn't express myself properly, yes I agree with you probably with time due to stress or general fatigue the body becomes over sensitive to some foods and allergies and food intolerances become evident, this is what I believe.

vivbr in reply to Penel

I wanted to Ask you if Greece diet and weather help your joints and auto immune situation ?

Penel in reply to vivbr

Hi Viv

I'm not sure if this post was meant for me? I'm in the UK, not Greece (unfortunate, in this terrible weather).

As viv says try going lactose free for a couple of weeks to see if it makes any difference. Lots of foods can cause issue that we wouldnt have considered.

I got allergy testing done privately just after diagnosed, it flagged up most milks and dairy and also carrots and celery- it has to be said, its not far off either, all these things give me some issue or other.

Peanut31 in reply to Lisahelen


Hi Peanuts

As the other posts have said, dairy/ lactose can often be a problem. You could try lactose-free milk to see if it suits you.

There are several other possible reasons for bloating.

If you are eating ready made gluten-free food like bread, the additives (gums, emulsifiers, cellulose) can cause problems. It's best to keep ready-made gf food to a minimum of you can. A reaction to artificial sugars can also cause bloating and pain.

If you think that some vegetables or fruit may be causing a problem, you could look up FODMAPs to see if you think this might be a problem for you. It's probably a good idea to talk to your doctor about your symptoms before you restrict your food intake too much.

I went gluten free January this year and it's taken til now to really level off. Seemed to have relapses which were difficult to reason out. I now believe that, because my small intestine was damaged, certain OTHER foods mimicked the gluten effect. Only recently have I started introducing those foods with varying success. I think you need to give yourself time, keep a very strict food diary, stay positive.

Peanut31 in reply to Karen49

Thanks karen49.

You don’t realise how debilitating a thyroid issue can be once you have it, and when you feel so much better, it hard to accept when you start feeling low again.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi - I also have Hashis. I have discovered severe intolerance to gluten, dairy and soy. It did take 6 months free of gluten and dairy before accidental ingestion of both a few weeks apart caused any symptoms - actually quite severe ones. Soy followed later.

Others above have suggested lactose free, but with Hashis it is usually the casein (protein) in milk which is the problem as opposed to lactose (a sugar). Food intolerances do tend to appear with a gluten free diet, but I don't believe it is that your body becomes more sensitive to them, rather that the body has healed enough internally from the severe damage that can be caused by gluten. Hence, over time, there is more and more tissue in the lining of the gut to react to other items.


That happened to me until I discovered that I was soya and lactose intolerant as well as gluten. Soya gives me cramps and it can be found in lots of things and so does lactose.

Peanut31 in reply to appletina

Thanks appletina,

I think I’m going to have to give soya and lactose a miss and see how it goes.

Best wishes

Cooper27 in reply to Peanut31

You could try an elimination diet - I did something called Whole 30 for a month earlier this year (no gluten, grains, sugar, soya, dairy, sweeteners, legumes, caffeine or sulphites for 30 days), then at the end of it, I reintroduced foods slowly to see if I had a reaction. It's not as strict as an intolerance diet, as all vegetables are allowed (potatoes but not chips) but if you still have stomach issues on the diet, it would point to an intolerance of some vegetables, and you then just work to identify those.

Peanut31 in reply to Cooper27

Thanks for your advice.

Apart from being intolerant of other foods now exhibiting after gluten removed. It might be a straight infection easily dealt with by you eating little and often. Starve it out.

Eliminate corn from your diet. This stuff wreaks havoc on my digestive tract. It comes in so many different forms especially processed foods that the only way to avoid it and it's derivatives is to cook at home and pay close attention to the labels

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