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I've been having sudden cravings for stuff that I can't eat for some reason! I'm just about getting used to and learning about what not to eat etc and suddenly this greedy problem has come up.it probably sounds silly to some of you.the other evening I do much wanted to have some crisps and a pie and other things during the day...I'll be honest - I almost cheated and thought I'd treat myself.but then realised how how ridiculous or stupid or even maybe greedy I was being...does anybody understand? It really made me feel "why me"

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Hi this is perfectly natural to crave foods you know you can not have . I resign ste with this I’ve craved a pie for weeks now. Are you coeliac ? Or just intolerant? I wonder how long you have been GF as I was told by my dietitian your body naturally craves carbs especially if you cut them out completely, which was what I was doing . I don’t eat bread or cereals or cakes since being GF a lot of the GF foods are nasty & expensive so I just don’t bother. As for cravings I would love a crusty baguette chilli heat wave Doritos and marmalade on toast. We know it’s not cheating if we eat these foods it’s detrimental to our health even if like me you don’t get symptoms it’s causing damage to your intestines , well that’s if your coeliac and not just intolerant. But I know exactly what you mean I often think am I going to go through the rest of my life without eating a pie or burger or certain sweets or chocolate or takeaway it seems so harsh and horrible you become obsessed with foods you crave and know you can’t have. There are alternatives if you look but rarely do they match up. My mom is coeliac and she is in her 80s and I know she cheats occasionally but she nearly always gets the runs , she feels it’s worth it .

Hope it gets easier for you I’m about 18 months post Coeliac diagnosis and I still find it incredibly difficult we used to eat out all the time and takeaways were a given but all that has stopped eating out is a nightmare and I feel embarrassed by questioning everything on the menu, also some people are so igronent of the implications of coeliac and just looks like your being incredibly fussy.

Stay strong it does get easier but I think if your a foodie like me it will be a life long battle as it’s not a temporary diet it’s life long for health. I liken it to smoking people know it’s bad for them but they continue because they enjoy and because they crave the nicotine there are alternatives but it’s never easy.

Finally try to focus on what you can have rather than what you can’t.

Hope this helped I feel your cravings 😕😀


Hi dawn31019.yes I am coeliac and your message made so much sense! It felt like u totally understood where I'm coming from . Thanks for your reply 😊

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Hi i have found seabrook crisps are gluten free and most supermarkets sell them and tyrells crisps. I have found some nice pies called to true to be gluten from sainsburys and they are £3 for one pie but worth it to eat once a week, it does cost a fortune eating gf if you buy everything in sight saying gf and i have found that good old meals like meat, potatoes and veg are the best and tuna, salmon etc, i am not tempted by my old foid at all as there is no need to go without anymore as there is such a wide range of gf naughty foods aswell. Try the pies and crisps for a treat!!😊


Hi SID123, feeling its not fair why me is a natural feeling for all coeliac regardless of how well we deal with our diets. And in our society socialising revolves around eating and drinking so its a hard one

Here's a short post I made on this a while ago:


Dawn makes a very good point about trying to look at what you can eat rather than focus on what you can't. I see a gf diet based on naturally gf foods cooked from scratch as a very healthy alternative to modern diets, so this is a bonus as is feeling better avoiding gluten is worth the price when you think of how you felt prior to diagnosis. As for cheating who are you cheating and who wants to make themselves ill.

I've been diagnosed 24 years now and still wish that I could eat anything but I can't. But I could have something far worse than CD which's treated by diet.


Succumb to your cravings. This will have a Damaskan moment when you will realise not to eat that again. ( A packet of delicious chocolate covered biscuits did it for me 30 years ago.) You will not do it again.

Dawn, are you aware that takeaways use whatever their suppliers have in stock? Only principled food outlets search out correct ingredients. Gram flour instead of wheat flour.



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