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Amazing GF Bakery

I'm not sure if this allowed please delete if not. I've recently holidayed in Devon and stumbled across Jackson's a small family run business they bake the most amazing bread, cakes and savouries. All gf no gluten on site as one of the owners is intolerant. They do mail order if anyone interested.

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Hi Henbur, this is really good news for coeliac in the Torquay area so here's a link:


Members can post recommendations of companies on sites like GFG but the manufacturer cannot as they are then advertising, so thanks for sharing and good luck to Jacksons...

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Thanks Jerry. Good to know we can recommend I found out about it because I had a lovely cream tea at Berry Head and my sons ate gorgeous fresh seeded bread. Once I found out it was locally sourced we drove over and bought cakes and bread for rest of week. Must items were frozen but tasted delicious even after defrosting will def be ordering in bulk from them

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