Trying to be gluten free which has helped a lot with stomach problems but have hit fatigue big time. Any recommendations for vitamins supplements dietary would be much appreciated.

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  • Banana a slow release energy food, but doesnt always agree with delicate tummies.

    A good multi vit/ mineral tablet.

    You could consider b12 tablets or oral spray as an energy boost- cant overdose as it gets tiddled out if not needed by the body.

  • Make sure you are eating nutrient dense foods, as well as prebiotic and probiotic foods to help improve your gut health.

    Perhaps have a look at The Autoimmune Protocol for extra dietary advice.


  • Thiamine (B1) can help with fatigue. Might want to have Doc check selenium, zinc, Vit D, B12, and magnesium levels and supplement as needed. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks everyone, much appreciated

  • Have you had your iron and ferritin levels tested? These cause fatigue if they are low.

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