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Weather and fatigue with CD


The change in the weather has reminded me how the cold affects me. I get extremely fatigued, almost flu like symptoms and really feel the cold as though it goes right through me. I wondered if anyone else got these symptoms and whether it was related to CD? I wrap up and have lots of hot drinks/food and would appreciate any other suggestions.

Thanks for reading

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I feel tHe cold really badly as well and some days I just never seem to get warm. I also suffer with my hands getting cold and my fingers go white and are really numb. My wife read somewhere that it can be due to Vit B12 deficiency but as far as I know all my levels are OK. Get your woollies out though because it looks like the summer is over for us :-(

Hope you don't suffer too much.



Possible problems with thyroid or adrenal function? Or being on a low calorie diet?

I used to suffer with very cold hands and feet and my GP recommended upping my intake of the B vitamins, but I found a real improvement since my change in eating habits. Going back to traditional fats, meat etc and cutting out processed foods/sugar seems to have helped my health generally (or perhaps it's just a coincidence?)


Hi physiogirl, this has come up before and many of us feel the cold more than those around us. There is one comment on a past post by a young lady coeliac who says here boyfriend teases her because she sometimes watches tv with her gloves on!

I feel the cold sometimes and my hands and feet especially and like Ian it takes ages to warm up again. I have wondered about this a lot as I'm pretty fit and healthy and all my vitamin, iron and mineral levels are normal.

Our body has a sort of thermostat in our pituitary gland which sends out messages to our body about various functions including body temperature. An Italian study shows that 40% of Italian coeliac children have Anti-Pituitary Gland Antibodies and those 40% have failed to thrive (are short and slight) So if being a coeliac can affect our pituitary gland so that it affects our growth it makes sense it will have affected it in other possibly subtler ways.

Here's a link about the pituitary gland and it is interesting how it helps to control the thyroid gland.


Hi physiogirl,

Wow I just read your thread and thought, yep that's me all over. I'm always cold and feel it goes right through me too. I absolutely love a sauna cause it's one of the rare times I feel heated to the bone.

It's early days for me so I'm hopeful that the fatigue will pass when my iron levels rise but I've been living with it for so long that it almost feels 'normal' as did all the other symptoms over the years.

The change in the weather/sunlight also effects my mood and that might be the CD or just a menopausal gift. The court is still out on that one.

Still it's so good to share. Wishing you warmth.


Thank you so much. Your posts have helped me to feel happier that I'm not alone. I have also heard today that vit b 12 levels take around 12 months to normalise and that supplementation should not be taken with multi vitamins as that impedes absorption it's certainly a learning curve.

Wishing you all happiness this weekend


I'm a thin coeliac and definitely feel the cold. So when the weather changes I eat hot food. It works!

If you feel the cold why are you going to starve a day (I saw your other post)? I'd be shaking with cold if I didn't eat. And cooked vegetables clear your system very quickly - you wouldn't need colonic irrigation!


I eat so much because of the amount of training I do for a forthcoming competition. A day of complete rest and detox is a way to regovernate my body and mind.


I'm the opposite - everybody else wants the heating on and I'm opening windows. The fatigue element is familiar though. I'm normally livelier in summer than in winter, but this year I've been pretty lacklustre all year.



I'm with everybody else in the cold camp. I put it down to mild adrenal problems, which I know I have. Sometimes I go much colder after exercise, because my body can't adapt to the extra strain it's had to take.

I'm also with MapleMamma on the sauna front - I really like the sensation of finally getting warm and being able to stay that way for a while.


Me too...I love the sauna!


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