Ok everyone who's heard this seems to think it's a great joke however, I may be 56 years old but have never flown, been quite happy on the ground! Next Friday I have to take a short 45 minute flight as have to go off island for a small operation. As I have been having a bit of a problem with loose stools and needed the loo a bit more often in recent weeks this is worrying me a bit when it comes to the trip am not sure if there is anything I could take to help. Any advice welcome thank you.


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  • Weirdly, Gaviscon or Rennie tablets can really help or you can try Imodium? And also thinking it's going to happen and worrying about it seems to make it worse too.

    Try practising mindfulness or counted breathing (e.g in for count of four, hold for count of four, out for count for our, hold for count of four then in again (imagine a square and breath the square)) which can slow your heart rate, reduce your adrenaline production and should mean that you can cope for the journey. It's also good to have someone to distract you and chat about normal things so try that too!

  • Hi Mike, I'd take a pack of Imodium instants as you just dissolve them on your tongue and they stop diarrhoea within and hour. And you want to be at the airport for an hour before your flight anyway. Airports are great as they have a shopping centre with full facilities and by having a pack with you will give you peace of mind, so enjoy your flight.

  • Hi Mike,

    I don't know if you are attempting to address the diarrhea issue, but if not then I'd suggest prevention is a good start. One natural way to help your digestive system is to feed the gut 'good bacteria'. Natural yogurt is a good source. Not the sweet versions though. Fage Total Greek Yoghurt is the one we use.

    If I was in your situation I'd also pad out my pants in some way. Firstly its a good way to give you some confidence and that will help reduce your stress and possible consequences. However if there is a miss hap it could give you time to nip to the loo?

    Best of luck.


  • Hi again Mike, as you've never flown before here's a tip, when you go through airport security you have to put all metal objects in a tray this is your keys loose change rings watches etc, so before you enter the security area already have these objects in a separate compartment on your hand luggage and if you have your ticket on a smart phone have this ready and it's a breeze as you'll see others setting the alarm off or scrabbling to pick up all their loose change/valuables from a tray, when you've just breezed through.

    Then find your dept point so you know where to go then you can relax with a cup of tea and a gf brownie from one of the many coffee bars and you can just go and sit in the dept lounge and watch the planes land and takeoff. And theres plenty off loo's so nothing to worry about.

    Long term wise I agree with SilverDreamMachine about finding why you keep getting loose bowels.

    And I hope the operation goes OK and try not to worry.

  • I used to parachute jump and Imodium (generic name Loperamide) pretty much covers it Perhaps avoid fibre foods the day before. If you're really worried you can get a giant disposable pant from a disability supplier.

    Good luck with the operation.

  • Thanks for your replys will go for the Imodium just in case


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