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Hi im going to request i have my thyroid testing privately because gp only prepared to do basic one which came back normal, can anybody suggest what I should request to get tested as I would dearly like to get to the bottom of this devastating exhaustion I'm feeling and severe leg weakness thanks in advance x

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  • You could hop into the thyroid forum and ask what would be best. Loads of knowledgable people there. Reading your previous post as motherelle says b12 etc might be an idea too but it will make the cost go up unless your gp has done this recently. Lots of us have used medichecks in the past also blue horizon. Sometimes they have offers.

  • Thanks for your reply, I'm going to see a private go on Monday to see if he can help me! They said they can do blood tests there and then, I'm struggling to get my gp to do anything I asked her to trial b12 injections as my results were low but she refused so I feel I've got to do something I can't live like this so am willing to try anything.

  • If you have copies of your own gps blood test results take them with you as back up.

  • Thanky you I will do 😊

  • Let us know how you get on. I am seriously considering doing the same.

  • Ok will do, what I've read though it doesn't look like I'll get the tests I need from the GPS but appointment booked and paid for now so I'll see what he has to say I'm also wanting to discuss vit12 injections to.

  • Bluehorizonmedicals have great testing.

    Thyroid plus 11,12&15 are all comprehensive tests. If you order before the 28th there's 15%off with code MED32

  • Thankyou 😊

  • We use Blue Horizons. Definitely recommended

  • Ps post your results on thyroid uk and you will get loads of help from people that know a lot more about the thyroid than GP's!!

  • Hi Gravener6 - your best option is to go to a functional medicine practitioner. GP's only normally test for TSH which does not get to the root cause of Thyroid issues. IFM practitioners understand much more including; T4, T3, reverse T3 antibodies etc.

    On YouTube search for Dr Peter Osborne, he is an IFM practitioner and his video gives you a good explanation.

    Uk IFM practitioners can be found on the IFM website. I can recommend you a couple I know privately if you message me.

    A full thyroid panel including T4, T3 conversion, reverse T3 should cost you about £200 and an IFM practitioner will charge you c.£100 for the consult.

    Most IFM practitioners in the UK are not Doctors and they come from a nutritional and naturopathic background. The good news is that some Doctor's are now beginning to hear about functional medicine and the introductory course in London next month over 50% of the 200 delegates are Doctors which is encouraging.

    Good luck and feel free to private message me if you want more specifics


  • Hi thanks for your reply, I am seeing a naturopath she organized test for me which gave me results of leaky gut syndrome and gluten dairy and wheat intolerance. She also said I was pretty much allergic to everything in my house! 😩 and she said some people actually leave there houses and live in a barn which frankly made me just want to go to bed and never wake up!!! I'm going to see somebody else in April who I think is a functional Dr. When I took all this information to my gp she said it was all beyond her and there was nothing she could do to help me. I been feeling so ill I thought I'd just see if another GP would say the samecos I feel I could just about cope with this if perhaps a gp could help me other than mine who told me to eat plenty of chips to deal with my massive weight loss.

  • If you haven't intended to lose weight then something is wrong. Suggesting you eat chips is insulting. Ask for inflammatory blood marker tests - your GP can do this.

  • Have posted link on TUK 😆

  • Thankyou 😊

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