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Ever been diagnosed with celiac after an initial negative blood test as iv read its possible what's the likely chances. I was tested about ten years ago could it now come back positive or further testing be needed as id like this ruled out esp with all my health complaints main ones being numbness tingling pins and needle, walking into doorways , falling down in the dark. Digestive issues..feeling weak and tired all the time..cracking bones ....im sure theres more ...oh the mental confusing is a killer to.

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  • I was tested for celiac and the blood test was negative. Due to weight loss I then had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and a diagnosis of celiac was given.

  • Hi babe patricia here it does sound like coeliac disease my sister had them pins & needles for yrs & every blood test cum bak negative for coeliac disease for yrs even though she suffered all kinds of pains nausea bowel problems & everthink she ete made her sick the blood tests cudent find it but myself to they sed mine was ibs untill I got so ill & had to have a urgent blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten I lost so much weight I was very ill I was a shell of my self then they sed 10yrs later & never away from the hospital with agony pains and feeling like death you have coeliac disease so go bak to yur doctors and specialists in their field & get another blood test or stool sample they show up better results dont buy one of those testing kits there never right they showed my sisters up negative for it & she suffered even more damage she had refractory coeliac hit misss it takes yrs before it shows up but you are getting that much damage in yur intestines so get tested again for it hun stay safe patricia my twin sister has now divicurtistis as well as coeliac with me

  • hi there, yes you can test negative if you have celiac (I did for years - have now been finally being diagnosed positive by endoscopy). The main thing to check is that they have made sure you are not IGA-deficient. If you are IGA-deficient, then the usual celiac test will show negative regardless. A better explanation here :)


    Good luck

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