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Feeling confused

Hi I wrote a post on here a few days ago related to an abnormal erythrocyte sedimentation rate, I've now been informed I have an abnormal liver function too a abnormal cpr blood results have to have them repeated in a week, no they saying my gluten /wheat allergies test was normal, can anyone help me with these results please,any bit of advice would be greatly appreciated tia x

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Fatty liver is usually due to excess fructose/alcohol (fermented sugar). Feeding geese or ducks with excess corn produces foie gras for example.

Reduce your carb intake to match how much your body uses; for most people 100g to 140g carbohydrate per day is adequate. Eat low Gi, low fructose carbs.


Hi. A raised ESR and CRP indicates there is inflammation somewhere but doesn't tell you where or what the cause is. Raised LFTs indicates there is something causing a problem with the liver. I presume they are rechecking the bloods as sometimes they will return to normal, particularly if they're just slightly raised and if they are still raised will investigate further. I didn't see your earlier post so I don't know what your symptoms are. I hope all goes well.


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