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Hello my fellow celiacs!

I am sorta newly diagnosed (it's been two months) and I got quite used to the diet by now. However, as I know the disease messes with the guts, I started paying more attention to how often I go to toilet. It seems to me, that now I need to poop more often that before. I am not aware of any diet mistakes, so it is quite surprising to me. Is this a common thing?

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  • Im new here myself, but with a higher intake of fruit and veg i notice the same sort of thing. Roughage of a different sort i guess.

  • Wellcome to the site! I have had issues for 15 years so by now it's fine. There will be a change as your diet has hopefully changed for the better. You will slowly be feeling less sick and by completely cutting out gluten (make sure you check all labels and ask the chef if you are dining out). It's a cleaning and cleaning process. I wouldn't worry about Going to the bathroom more than usual just yet :-)


  • The thing is, I didn't have any symptoms. Nor I ever felt sick after eating gluten. So it's hard to say if I feel better, because I actually feel worse.

  • thats very strange, why did you get tested then? I'm just curious because normally quite a few symptoms are presented for the doctor to proceed....what did the doctor say?

  • I felt a sharp pain on the side of my belly one day, and I felt really bad for a few more days after that, having fever and vomiting anything I ate. I was worried it might be an appendix or an ovary, so I went to doctor. I went to several tests until gastroendoscopy confirmed celiac. But still, the problems were a one time thing, I never had anything like that before nor after. Though it is true, that I occasionally feel a weak stab in the place where it hurt before, but it goes away very quickly. I have no idea if it is anyhow connected.

  • i have been diagnosed 6 years and sometimes go 3 to 4 times a day.pending on my diet .I try to be as careful as possible .soi also don't know where I am going wrong.

  • If you have started eating special gluten free foods breads etc that are designed to be like wheat products then you may be responding to the gums and other ingredients designed to give products cohesion and bounce. I cannot eat xanthum gum or chia seed or flax seed as I find all of them very laxative. Stick to simple foods like potatoes and rice to start with.

  • Thanks, I will try to limit the gluten free bread and see how that goes.

  • If you want to eat bread, try making your own. Start with rolls to get the hang of it. You could also make flat breads/ pancakes, for a change, using chickpea flour.

  • I have a really great recipe for bread and I already tried making it twice. It was kinda good. Packed store bought bread is terrible, but the fresh one seems okay even from shops.

    I am using Schar flours mostly.

  • Hi there Orida, I've had same problem. Been diagnosed 5 months. Don't know if I've been glutened but I don't think so. I'm at a loss too 😩

  • Oh also, I had no tummy symptoms just chronic fatigue and anaemia

  • Have you tried talking to a doctor about it? I am still thinking it might be because of the diet change, but I am not sure. I've been dealing with anxiety related stuff and don't really feel like checking my poop now as well.

  • Yes I did speak to my GP and the dietician. Pretty useless really. They didn't know weather it was the diet change or something else. I also get anxiety but I don't think it's affecting my poop lol. I decided last night to start a food diary to see whether I can find out the cause. If it is food that is 😬

  • Diary sounds like a good idea.

    Would you mind telling me how your anxiety shows up? I am still trying to figure out whether it's really a mental thing or another health issue with me.

  • How often you go depends on how much you eat. Some foods go straight through, some take 48 hours. GF bread is an expensive substitute containing too many ingredients to work out which are safe. Each person will have their own spectrum of safe foods. The first few years are spent working out what is safe for you. Finding the last few reagents can take aeons. Best of luck.

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