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Iv have just began a GF diet, by choice, as for years I have suffered from margarines, bloating, cramps, pmt and hives - all seem to of been worse since having my 3 children. A friend of mine is GF and recommended I research it and Iv come across lots of of symptoms that I also have that I would not of linked to a food allergy or sensitivity.

Iv spoken to my GP this morning and he wasn't bother by the fact Iv changed my diet and saw no need to medically investigate it. I have to say, I'm on day 4 and for these 4 days Iv had no headaches, hives and my bloating has reduced already.

It's not as daunting as I first thought, and even made gf pancakes on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to gaining more information for the group.

Should I be taking any vitamins?

Thanks xxx

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glad to hear you are feeling better so fast - that mirrors what I found when I gave up gluten. One piece of advice, be careful about eating lots of commercial foods which are made to mimic wheat foods without having wheat/gluten in as they are often stuffed full of gums (which bother my gut), sugars and other substances which are not as close to whole natural foods as you might like and are a very quick way to put on weight.

As far a vitamins go, I only take Vit D everyday as almost everyone is short of that and it will help with our short (and often dark) days as well as helping to make use of the calcium that you do eat.

Also, look out for gluten in unexpected places, like sweets.

Enjoy, and may your health continue to improve.

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Gluten is everywhere so you have to be vary careful with all the different gluten containing grains too. It sounds like you have a good sensitivity such as to MSG which causes all the symptoms you mentioned above. It's all about trial and error and finding a balance in your food. Keep a food diary as it may help and keep to home cooking for best results

I'm a certified nutritionist who suffered the same issues for several years.


Good for you! Hope you find it really improves your symptoms in the long run, amazing you're feeling better already, you're lucky! I've just started gluten and dairy free to try to heal my gut because I have Hashimotos and severe IBS and I'm blogging about my successes and failures at if you are looking for some recipe inspiration! Ax


Oh and forgot to say yes you should probably take supplements - if you look on my blog I have a page about them and the ones I take which might give you some ideas x


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