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Advice please

Im such an idiot my doctor suggested i could have coeliacs due too extremely low ferritin levels but wont test me till march. I took it upon myself too go gluten free which i was mostly enjoying but i was still in alot of tummy discomfort i even posted on here about it.

So i contacted coeliacs uk who advised i bring back gluten and ask for more testing so i have and its awful one i didnt enjoy the taste thought a roll smelt of beer so much i didnt eat it. And since yesterday afternoon when i had a sandwich thin i have noticed a sore tongue sore throat sinuses blocking again my tummy has gone up like a hot air balloon the gurgling hasnt stopped but it didnt on gf either. But the other mouth and nose stuff can that really be the effects of gluten? Should i keep a symptoms diary for doctor?

Other random things i noticed were a large varicose vein in my leg which is always annoying me had shrunk back whilst being gf i could be wrong but since i had my little one its been huge hot and itchy and for the moment it isnt can gluten really cause all this damage and inflammation in the body?

Also can someone quantify how much bread or pasta etc a day i should be eating please i was just told once or twice im thinking the minimum i cant get away with but too give an accurate test

Thank you for listening x

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Hi netiboo, I think that you want to deal with one thing at a time and reintroduce gluten first and for at least 6 weeks and the more that you eat and the longer the better for a definitive diagnosis. The recommendation is a minimum 4 slices of bread daily for 6 weeks.

So I would reintroduce gluten gradually and not just eat bread and eat it as frequently as possible. This is because small amounts of gluten may only affect a smaller area of the gut tract and make a diagnosis harder.

In your other post dairy came up and this is because the enzyme that breaks down lactose is produced at the tips of our villi so damaged/collapsed/inflamed villi means we do not absorb lactose properly and lactose intolerance is often temporary in newly diagnosed coeliac and clears up when the villi recovers.

If it's any consolation to you if I accidentally eat gluten the first symptom is my stomach gurgles and feels like my washing machine.

The other thing that is very important to bear in mind is that stress is very bad for our guts so you need to reassure yourself that you are doing something about your symptoms rather than worry about what might be causing it all.

And if you do have CD then going GF takes time as your villi has to recover so don't expect an overnight miracle cure as it is gradual as it takes time for your iron,vitamin and mineral levels to recover and these are all vital for a sense of well being. Then you will be ready to sort out other ongoing health issues.

So good luck and let us know how you get on and if you do have CD you're in good company on here.


Jerry thank you for your lovely reply it makes alot of sense. Ive just returned too my usual diet including bread and other gluten items. Thanks again


In UK your GP will get practice nurse to extract sample for testing. Question the delay.

re Diet

by eliminating certain food groups, you should be able work out what is causing the gurgling. But advice on here, suggests self eliminate after testing.

As the gurgling is immediate (?) you may have a really useful sign of which foods to exclude. Read the labels for hidden ingredients.

Foods that can take years to eliminate are blended oils and sucrose both derived from wheat and may react. Choose pure oils and avoid sucrose (particularly USA born, sorry to be so partisan). In Europe sucrose from cane and beet, in USA from maize and cereals as well. Its just what is available.

Best of luck


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