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What too cook

I'm pondering what too make for dinner and lunches I don't eat meat so limited there but I'm having dairy and eggs. I've made this week almond crust quiche I've had it all week for lunch with salad dinners I've just made normal stuff for us but with gf stuff. But I'm wondering what too try next don't want too get bored I've spent every evening this week looking for recipes but some have so many ingredients

Looking for ideas please? Many thanks in advance

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My stand by was always jacket potatoes but I've just been told I'm T2 diabetic - caused by steroids do hopefully when they wear off ill go back to how I used to be but I was obviously pretty close fir the steroids to to me over - anyway, my favourite jacket potatoes cause my blood to spike like mad so that's out for me at the moment.

Same with my wonderful gluten free oat bran muffins. I had two for breakfast every morning but they spike things too which is a real pain.

I make a lot of soup which is good. If you want to buy some of the Covent Garden ones you get in the chiller section are GF. I used to make things like tuna sandwiches using Schar bread - that is the one I like best. I haven't taken it since I started measure my blood sugar though, I think it might spike my results but Schar is very nice, not cheap though.

Don't know if you have seen the coeliac UK website but that will give you lots of information, yu can join and you get a fabulous directory of GF foods - wrath joining fir that alone.

Your almond crust quiche sounds terrific. I made burgers the other night using big field mushrooms as buns - I rated them in a tin with some vegetable stock while the burgers were in the oven - they were good I'd do then again. Last night we had ostrich steaks with sweet potato chips, they were good, the recipe was very easy but I found them a lot of work because I made them very thin and they had to be cooked not touching each other and turned half way thigh the cooking time which was a pan. They were very tasty though. Like you I tend to just make a GF version of 'normal' food.


Hi thank you for reply I'm sorry too read about your diabetes must be hard too live with I'm told as I have pcos I'm insullin resistant and was on metformin for a time but made me ill and then my b12 was pretty low I've now got an under active thyroid and feel like I'm struggling too stay above water and keep well. I'm forever fatigued catch every sniffle my little one has but full blown chest infection type. I've gained three and half stone since my daughter was born three years ago making my bmi 37 and I've tried lots of diets nothing seems too work. I'm struggling 😞


Hi netiboo, I'd try and make gf versions of your favourite meals and look at what foods you can eat rather what you can't. Now don't worry we've all felt like you are with ''what am I going to eat next''

So lets look at what you can eat, onion bhaji's if made traditionally are gf and are easy to make and you can make a batch and freeze some. Another really easy thing to make is pancakes and you can make so many variants, sweet and savoury. I see gf pancakes a fast food for coeliac. You can make veggie hot pots, stews and casseroles.

As for baking egg whites replicate gluten really well so cakes with gf flour can turn out really well. As for an easy gluten free pudding you can't beat a fruit crumble and just use half fat to flour and half sugar to fat easy peasy

There are also foods like quinoa which you boil like rice but quinoa is a very healthy food because it contains all 23 vital amino acids that our bodies need and 8 of these have to come from our food and quinoa contains all 23 so is a complete food and ideal for us.

Now if you like quiches I make quiches with mashed potato instead of pastry and just blind bake it for 10 mins before adding the quiche mix and you can make individual mini quiches in ramekin dishes and use diced fried potatoes and just add them to a quiche mix and bake.

And then theres soups...

We'll have you cooking like a goudun' in no time LOL


Perhaps have a look at low carb recipes if you have PCOS? I'm not vegetarian but this site might be useful.

My husband was heading for diabetes, but cutting down on carbs has stopped this. I substitute strips of courgette for spaghetti and chopped cauliflower for rice. We have some high fibre carbs, like sweet potato and other low GI foods like quinoa.

Hopefully you have managed to improve your B12 levels. Has your doctor been any help?

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Hi nettiboo1982

I'm a veggie coeliac.

GF pasta is always a great standby. Do a pasta Bake or alternatively, serve with Quorn (make sure you get the GF versions- read the packet and look for the coeliac UK crossed grain logo) and a tomato pasta sauce (make your own or check the coeliac UK food directory if you're not sure which ones to buy).

I also picked up some frozen Quorn sausages from Asda's GF section the other day. Serve with baked beans (Aldi's own, Waitrose's own or Heinz are all fine) and mash.

I go through phases where I eat a lot of vege curries which use things like kidney beans for protein. Vege chilli is also another option.

For lunch at the moment I am frequently eating hummous and rice cakes. Take your pick of flavours. I like the smoked paprika and the pesto ones from a nearby supermarket.


I empathise on the hormonal & hypothyroid and weight issues. It's difficult to manage.

I used to be a non-meat eater, and my sister is a vegan so I might be able to give you some ideas.

Falafel (I use Amisa mix - with hummus, olives, stuffed peppers, plenty of salad... You can add rice salad, a small baked potato, a GF pitta bread (Tesco do them) or GF cous cous (maize) which you can get in Asda or Tesco

Stuffed vine leaves are also tasty and go well with the above.

Roasted vegetables with mozzarella or hummus in a baked potato

Vegetable stew with lentils or beans and hearty veg like butternut squash, carrots, celery, swede, turnip etc, sweet potato mash and/or herb dumplings made with vegetable suet and GF self raising flour plus herbs and water/milk.

Pasta bake

Vegetable tagine with chickpeas (slow cooked) with rice or GF cous cous

Nut roast, roast potatoes, veggies, GF gravy

Vegetable moussaka made with lentils in the tomato sauce part

Vegetable lasagne using GF pasta sheets (Waitrose/Ocado are my fave)

Pizza - I use a frozen GF cheese & tomato one and add more toppings or use an M&S base and make my own sauce and add toppings. Both turn out nicely. Leftovers are good for lunch.


Hello. Been suffering with ibs for over 15 years I'm in my late twenties so it's been a rough ride. stop eating gassy and oily foods cut out all gluten dairy and processed sugars. Drink soothing teas and broths daily and take probiotics, enzymes, kombucha, anti spasms medications and Imodium if needed, there is a liquid medicine called flying rabbit which I wrote about on this website and helps loads. Take control of what you eat and when you eat it and cook as much as you can and feel free to check out my website for free recipes and tips :-)


Another vote for pasta and some of the gf quorn products. The fake chicken, mince and sausages are ok. The hot dogs seem to have a weird plastic skin on them and are very salty. I have the gammon in the freezer but haven't tried them yet.

I also make risottos, stuffed mushrooms, ratatouille-style dishes, my own pizza (using Delia's dough recipe with gf flour and a teaspoon of xanthan gum), curry using Patak's sauces, chillies. For lunches I make my own soups with marigold bouillon, bhajis, or egg and spinach.


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