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happy new year


I'd like to wish you all a great 2016: may all your good resolutions be put into practice...or at least some of them! :-)

I would like to thank again all the lovely people on this site that through their caring and knowledgeable advice or simply through their empathy, represented for me a great support especially when I felt most awful. Even though it will take a while to feel much better, I have already been enjoying some positive effects since I've started following a gluten free diet!! :-) :-)

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Thank you and I'm glad to hear you are enjoying positive effects. Once you get into the swing of being GF it isn't as difficult as you think. 😊

Happy New Year Angelias :-) glad to hear things are going well. . Isn't it great to start feeling a bit more human again. Christmas was much easier than I expected.........although I did have one mishap with oven chips of all things!

angelias in reply to salshep

Have a great 2016 salshep!! Yes, definitely feeling more human... despite the occasional mishaps! 😉...hopefully will improve with practice 😊

A happy new year to you Angelis and to all members. I'm very glad that you're starting to feel the benefits of going gluten free so good for you and I hope this continues.

angelias in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry. Full recovery will take a while but,yes, i am gradually getting better 😊 Wish you a happy 2016!

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