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Gluten free in Dubrovnik

Would like to let you all know that we recently had a holiday in Dubrovnik and found that all cafes, restaurants and hotels were very gluten aware and could tell us which foods my husband could and couldn't have. They were very good at providing alternatives. We came home feeling that we had both eaten well and healthily too.

As the only source of income is tourism I guess that they have to be aware of dietary restrictions. It was much easier to be gluten free than in Britain.

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Pleased to hear that you had a good holiday. It makes such a difference if you don't have to worry about food.

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That's made me feel so much better, I'm planning a trip there next year. Do you happen to know if there were many vegetarian options?


Yes. They seemed to do lovely things with their veg anyway e.g. olive oil or tomato based marinades. There was fantastic salads. However some of the other veg dishes looked like they could have been thickened with flour and the fried fish was often fried in flour. As long as they knew, they would fry fish in Corn flour or poach it instead.

The good thing is that they all knew what we were talking about.

Our hotel provided my husband with a gluten free dessert every night and each evening the chef told us what he could and couldn't have. X


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