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Hi everyone, my local independent baker's granddaughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease a year ago so he started a range of hand-made GF food which is excellent. Until recently it's only been available in his shops in and around Bath in the South West, but they've just invested in an online shop and can now deliver anywhere in the UK. Def worth checking out if you are after something a bit different and "artisan"! batch5.co.uk

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  • Hey there thanks for telling us, I live in Bristol and Joes bakery (one of their stockist) is only minutes away from me.

    I'd love to be able to buy a good quality fresh gluten free pasty so this looks like it's getting closer, I used to buy bread from Joes bakery and they sold an amazing beef and stilton pasty...

    So good luck to Batch5 and thanks again.

  • Hi Jerry - small world! I'm also aware of Joe's Bakery and hear brilliant things about them. I really want the Batch#5 range to fly as they've put their heart and soul into it and they deserve for it to be a success, plus they make great food! I'll pass your comments re: pasties onto the owner when I next see him :)

  • Hi brambledog, I agree and part of the problem is getting the word out about the independent gf co's.

    As you know the owner it might be worth mentioning the cafe at Bitton station as they sell gf food and have a gf menu including bread rolls, so it would be worth him talking to them. They also sell really nice home made gf cakes if you are ever passing and you can have a large slice of gf cake plus a cup of tea for £3.50 and guess who was there yesterday? As it's one of my favourite haunts and I cycle up the cycle path so it's good exercise and I don't have to worry about calories anyway, ho ho.


    If you want to help promote Batch5 here's a link to the coeliac map where you can put their bakery/outlets and write a review, please see:

    coeliacmap.com. A photo is also really good and I sent them a photo of the buffet at Bitton station and wrote a review and have done the same with a few places.

    And thanks for mentioning pasties I think that gf pastry is a bit of a grey area for professional bakers but again we can only live in hope.

  • Looks fab, have liked their FB page and will share

  • I buy things from a bakery in Scotland. I defy anyone to tell that their seeded rolls or tiger bread are gluten free. They are the best I have ever had. They're online too and, while delivering is a bit expensive, their rolls etc freeze well

    It's called the Wheat Free bakery in Bathgate, West Lothian

  • Thanks for posting. The brown loaf looks great!

  • Thanks for posting this. Looks yummy!

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