Hi I am newly diagnosed CD and have spent much of my career as a chef,so I was hoping to collate some recipes for daily use that really work

Perhaps starting with others bread recipes…I am awaiting on delivery of a new Panasonic bread machine myself….cakes (Christmas too)…cupcakes…pastry…sauces…gravies and alcoholic drinks that are all safe for us to consume…I am a vegetarian but eat fish but I am happy enough to share any recipes…Tony

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  • It would be good to see how you get on with the breadmaker, I havent had a successful loaf yet from mine, so let us know how you get on.

  • Yes…I have had bad report regarding bread makers…I think that the process that they operate from suits ‘gluten’ bread…the few attempts that I have had so far has lead me to believe that the mixes are more of a ‘thick batter’…that is raised by an agent….I really would like to be able to produce a good crust and a bread that will slice for sandwiches too….I think a careful experimentation and balance of flours will be my first mission…I do like a challenge….lol

  • Hi, I've found GF bread better without using the breadmaker. I mix mine in a mixer (GF flour shouldn't be overworked) then cooked in the oven.

    Cakes are quite easy to do once you have the right flour mix.

    I struggle with pastry though cos it isn't malleable enough to do a lot with....

  • Hi Karen….yes point taken on the bread maker….a convenience I guess….mum has bought it for my upcoming birthday so I must give it a good go….I have tried various cupcakes….with some success….and yes…a tinkering with the flour mix will be my next step…ie…what does it do and what properties does it have once cooked….a learning curve for me…

    pastry will be interesting too….I was a pastry chef in a michlein 2 star so I am duty bound to get this one right i guess….pasta too….i have my machines standing by and we shall see…..many thanks for your advice…

    best wishes


  • Hi Tony and welcome to the group and you're in good company on here.

    The secret with bread makers is to use either the quick setting or gf setting as gf bread dough does not rise again after being knocked back.

    Cakes are easy peasy because of the eggs so a normal sponge cake made with gf flour should turn out just fine, just add baking powder but that will be second nature to you. You can also make amazing gf pastry with half pastry mix and half cooked mashed potato the secret is to leave the cooked potato in the fridge overnight.

    Being a qualified chef I'm sure that you'll manage just fine once you get used to gf flours. So good luck and let us know how you get on with recipes etc. And if you have any other questions or queries you just ask away.

  • please can you give me the recipe for pastry i so miss it. i am also allergic to nuts and milk. thank you

  • The vegan society website is very good for recipes. They have a gluten free section. There's also a gluten free version of their chocolate brownie.

  • Hi - the Doves Farm website has a great and really easy recipe for chocolate brownies, and the Juvela website has some great recipes, including things like naan bread, chipatis, wraps, and especially the chocolate whoopie pies! I've found a great recipe book called the Allergy cookbook, and it has a lot of 'normal' recipes, and then just tells you what to substitute for things like nut allergy, gluten, dairy etc...

  • Thanks for the steer towards Doves...I will make a start as soon as Amazon get their finger out and deliver my breadmaker....3 weeks later noe...grrr...Tony

  • Hi Tony,

    I have a couple of breads and cakes on my wiki. Feel free to add your own recipes to the site!


  • Thank you Sarah...very kind of you...I am in the process of stripping away the foods that hurt me...the latest being cashews and pistache....oh I did like a nut....not to worry...pain free is good...I am too Lactose free...wheat free...and learning of my ailments ....best wishes...x

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