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Constant fatigue

Hi, so over the last year now i have been going back and fourth to the doctors (local GP 1 who i see regularly) with tiredness and increased sensitivity to cold. i have had most blood tests done now, things like my thyroid have been check diabetes all your normal sort of ones and they have all come back clear.

In December i was then having shaking episodes along side the fatigue which i take naps for and go to bed early as a 21 year old university student its not normal. However in December it was noted that my neutophil count had dropped so it was monitored, i was then passed on to hematology (hospital doctor) where further tests have been run still no clue and i am still being monitored.

In the interim some new symptoms emerged like excessive thirst resulting in lots of peeing i also had constant nausea which would come and go along with stomach pains but my ultra sound has come back saying my abdominal organs are all fine and hunky dory!

Recently i have been going gluten free this has relieved the symptom of feeling nausea's but i still have everything else going on.

When i was tested for celiac i was already on a gluten free diet, as the doctor (different local GP 2) i saw to get the test done said i didnt have to include gluten back into my diet i chose not to, i have since asked my doctor in hematology to find out if its worth having a retest but include gluten back into my diet this time?

My thyroid is going to be re-tested but other wise the only thing left re low neutophil count is to have a bone marrow test carried out which neither me or my doctor want to do if we can avoid.

In addition to this i have been told that i have PCOS despite not having any cysts but have blood work to account for it as well as irregular periods. I have been seen by endocrinology about thirst and frequent urination all the bloods came back clear there too.

My local GP 1 is thinking it could be chronic fatigue, or some other sort of IBS bowl problem as this is the only other route we haven't explored yet.

I eat very healthily have plenty of fruit and veg dairy meat I try and exercise regularly if i'm not tired then i will go to the gym for about an hour mix of cardio and light weights, if i'm tired then i will go for a gentle walk but more often than not ill have to have a nap at some point in the day and ill be tucked up in bed by 9:30 most nights.

If anyone has any ideas what else i could try or suggest having looked into it would be greatly appreciated as me and my family are starting to struggle with what we can try.

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Have you obtained copies of your blood test results ? They are yours and you are entitled to have copies. Ensure they show the ranges as well as the result - as labs can vary.

You have mentioned that tests came back normal - sadly what is normal for one is not for another. I am only experienced in the thyroid area - so would be interested in your thyroid results as Docs often do not do the full range of tests and the basic TSH test does not reveal the full picture. You will also need to have tests for Iron - Folate - Ferritin - B12 - Vitd. All these need to be optimal and if low in the range could be the cause of your fatigue. Docs also struggle to understand the thyroid blood tests in many cases.

Do not allow your Doc to diagnose CFS or IBS without thorough Thyroid and Vitamin/mineral testing. I have Hashimotos and so have to be gluten free too....

Wishing you well asap....

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back in january ish time i had my vitamins and minerals done at the hospital although i have no range... ferritin 36, B12 402, Folate 11.5, more recently speaking to my gp he said im defintly not anemic and i shouldnt take an iron supliment due to having larger red blood cells.

Im wondering if its worth having everything re-tested as im not sure on what the accuracy on many of theses tests are like?

we have decided as a family that we are going to push to having a full thyroid function test done rather than the stand along TSH which is the only one i have had tested!

Thank you so much


Am afraid your Ferritin is LOW and needs to be around 80/90. It is your stored iron so there's not much available to be used when needed.

Please do spend time reading the above link as you will then know more than your GP :-)

It will also explain other tests that will be needed. You can have Iron anaemia and B12 anaemia. Good Book - Pernicious Anaemia - The forgotten Illness and B12 Deficiency - by Martyn Hooper. Available on Kindle I believe....

Navigate this site too to learn about thyroid...often Low B12 and thyroid symptoms can overlap as you will read.

Lots to read and lots to learn - but having the right information enables us to ask the correct questions...

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To be brutally honest, if you can do that hourly workout then why do you think you are fatigued?

Coeliacs often have hypersomnia and insomnia, a rubbish mix that leaves us fatigued, doesn't matter what time you go to bed.


I'd say that I am fatigued as I cannot work out like a normal person would do I can only work for 5 hours and even then I've had to come home early because I have been compleatly drained feeling heavy limbed. Although I say I work out I cannot do it regularly and it is rather speradic some days I can be bouncing full of energy think I'll go to the gym and only managed 10 minutes.

Coming in from work and having to nap for 2 hours isn't normal I go to bed at 9:30 most nights

Even on days like at the weekend when I haven't down anything I have also had to nap and go to bed early this is why I think it's fatigue and not just in over doing it


Work being job, work out being exercise


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