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Strange sypmtoms, Gluten or not ?

I have had some strange sypmtoms for some time now and I can't fathom out if they are related to Gluten or not !

My last TTG test was negative 3 so I don't think so as I have not had any loo problems for a long time.

I have constant red elbows, but not dry skin they just look inflamed at the points.

When I lay on my pillow at night I get a pulse in my right ear that is very annoying.

Every morning when I get up I have some kind of mucous on my bottom lip.

Has anyone else ever had any of these symptoms or know what they might be related to ?

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Hi Gman

It doesn't sound like any gluten related problem I know of.

Perhaps the mucous thing may mean that you are breathing through your mouth when asleep?

Check with your doctor if you are concerned.


Hi Penel

sorry for not replying earlier it has been manic at work lately.

it is definitely food related as I managed to get rid of all my strange symptoms about 2 years ago before things went totally crazy

mentioned this to GP, Gastro, Dietician, Immunology and even Infection dept. but they either look at me daft or tell me they haven't a clue, I have even shown them photos on my iphone.

perhaps I should write my crazy story and post it maybe someone else might know something if I elaborate a liitle


Only just seen this post. I get red itchy elbows which sometimes puff up into blisters and it's biopsy-confirmed dermatitis herpetiformis. My elbows are where it starts and are sometimes my first warning that I've had gluten. I dont get the other symptoms though.


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