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School exchange with Germany

;y son (14, 9th grade) is coeliac and would like to spend some time in UK. Therefore we are looking for a family with coeliac background that's interested in an exchange. Sometime between 6 weeks and 3 months would be fine. Time: Summer/autumn 2014.

I already tried Coeliac UK but they are not very helpful. And I'm suspicious in terms of working with agencies. They promise a lot but then they place kids into families who have no idea about gluten free food.

So any idea/help is appreciated.

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My son's school The Crossley Heath School, Halifax has a German exchange programme, not sure if your son's school is linked to ours? I reply as my son is multi-food allergic, this includes allergies to gluten/wheat, nuts, soya and sesame, he is also 14 and due to visit Germany for 5 days next July.


No, our school has no partner in UK. But nevertheless we could keep in touch. We handle gf, so no nuts etc shouldn't be any problem as well. School holidays do no start before end of July so your son could join classes as well.


Hi, will contact you separately


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