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Getting supplies and bread


Hi, I have 2 questions which are related. (As well as being gluten/ wheat free I can't eat dairy or egg either)

1). What do you all do about getting supplies of gf bread?

I get some on prescription but often I have to go to 5 supermarkets in surrounding towns to find more bread in stock. I get the Dr Schar ciabatta rolls from supermarkets)

2). do you know any quick and easy (gf egg and dairy free) bread recipes that aren't too full of xantham gum?

I'm sure most people (who know nothing about gf food) would say the risk gf food in every supermarket but for me it is largely not fit for purpose.

Do you get orders from manufacturers delivered or will health food shops order food? Do you have any suggestions please as I'm sure it could be easier?

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Hi glutenfreemumuk, I make my own bread and just buy gf flours from the free from aisles and I always keep a good stock so just have to go to my store cupboard for more.

My advice with bread and flat breads are a really good alternative is pancakes. Also when first making gf bread rolls often turn out better because they are a smaller mass when rising ...and falling LOL. You can buy egg replacer and Organ do one you can use guar gum instead of xanthin gum or psyllium husk.

I do not get food on prescription and buy my gf flour at either Sainsbury's or Tesco's I usually keep a spare packet of yeast and dried fruit, pot of honey etc.

I think you'll find that many members do what I do and hoard food and then just have to shop for fresh foods, really not having to buy fresh bread and milk should make your life easier...And we've enough issues without having to traipse around lots of supermarkets so i hope this helps and good luck.

Hi Jerry, thanks for your encouraging reply it is much appreciated. Could you point me in the direction of some good recipes for gf and egg and dairy free bread please or ones where I can substitute the egg. I have the orgran egg replacer but hadn't thought of using it in bread so thank you for that suggestion. Can i make them by hand or do I need to get a special breadmaker, I have an old gluten one. Any thoughts?


Also do you find supermarket flours like Doves gf flour ok? I was v ill with them when I first tried them so moved to the stricter ppm Orgran flour which is expensive and more difficult to get. Will that work with making breads? Or might Doves flour be ok now my tummy has settled more. Any thoughts?

First here's an easy gf bread recipe and you will just have to substitute the eggs with egg replacer but this is an actual loaf that I've made and then eaten:

And heres a picture of the texture of the same loaf:

A lot of the recipes on WG are lactose free but not egg free so again you've have to use your egg replacer.

I make all my bread, cakes and biscuits in a food processor and leave it to rise in my top oven which I put on very low for a few mins first. But if you've a bread maker with a gf setting then it does it for you. There are lots of gf vegan loaf recipes on the web so I'd google that.

Now you ask about Doves farm I've never had any issues with them and they have been producing gf products at below 20ppm long before the limit was dropped in 2011. They seem to have issues with buckwheat flour every so often but apparently buckwheat is notorious for cross contamination.

And some people have issues with xanthan gum and this can be because it is very hydroscopic so it absorbs a lot of moisture and is like super roughage and acts like a laxative this also applies to guar gum and psyllium husk which is used as a thickener in Pakistani cooking and in larger amounts in colonic irrigation...

What is very important to realise is that just because a food tests below codex it doesn't mean that it has 20ppm of gluten in it. 20ppm is the maximum allowed. But you are right in that Orgran is made for Australian and NZ markets where they have 5ppm as a maximum but whether there is less gluten in one over another would mean testing them both and revealing the results. So what I'd do is compare the ingredients in Orgran compared to Doves farm and take it from there as our system is all over the place when first diagnosed. So why it made you ill when first diagnosed I don't know but there's only one way to find out if you are OK with it and that's the best i can answer that one.

This is so helpful thank you


I also make bread occasionally, but as Jerry has said, it's probably easier to make pancakes. I don't seem to get on too well with Doves flour, don't know why, so I tend to use separate flours. I buy chickpea flour (Tiger Tiger) from an Asian supermarket, which also sells other flours like tapioca, and buckwheat flour (Big Oz) from a Health food shop. Buckwheat prices are now unfortunately very high! I use chickpea to make an Italian flat bread/pancake called 'socca' or 'farinata'.

My quick bread recipe is a soda bread, as I like to avoid yeast, and I don't have a bread maker. Apart from Jerry's great recipes, perhaps have a look at The Intolerant Gourmet site. Just leave out the xanthan gum, but be prepared for crumbly bread.

Ok thanks so much. I'll try soda bread as I don't have a breadmaking with a gf setting. The Italian bread sounds nice. Can I adapt similar gluten bread recipes with gf flour or will that be a disaster?

GF flour doesn't behave in the same way as ordinary flour, so it may be best to find recipes specifically using gf flours. Have a look at corn bread, too. If you want a 'sandwich', perhaps a pitta bread would work.

Hugh FW has a cookery book called "Light and Easy" which gives wheat and dairy free recipes and may give you some ideas if you have time to read cookery books.

Hi I get all my recipes from Pinterest and have discovered a whole new world for Muliti purpose GF flour that I get on percription I make bread ,cakes good luck and have fun cooking 😄

My son is glutenand soya free and used to be egg and dairy free too and likes the EnerG tapioca bread on prescription. He gets 12 loaves a month. It's very hard to find bread without egg.

I've made lots of diff breads in the past and he hasn't liked any.

I don't eat any bread.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the information. 😀

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