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Machine coffee

Two and a half weeks ago I had scrambled eggs and a mug of machine coffee in a small cafe, next day I was bad and covered in my rash which did extend to my big toe, this was repeated for several days then I had a break of several days then returned having the coffeee and eggs.The rash got worse so I cut out the eggs, no change so then cut out the coffee and started to improve who would believe it, so went back yesterday had my eggs and a pot of tea, no problems.

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Interesting Tony. I often avoided instant coffee machines at work when I was diagnosed as I read somewhere on forums and on the web that some mass produced coffee contains gluten. When using cafes etc it's tricky to know if there's any cross contamination between drinks etc for example I know some hot chocolate mixes also contain gluten so I either give them a miss and opt for a herbal tea or ask if I can read the packet myself (making sure there isn't a huge queue of people behind me first!). Often as process of elimination as you have done is the only way to pinpoint what it could be. Thanks for posting it.

Have others had similar experiences?


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