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Free Seminar about Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity in Knebworth on 23rd June - should be amazing!

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that an expert researcher from the USA, Dr.Thomas O'Bryan, will be giving a free seminar for healthcare professionals and members of the public at Odyssey Health Club in Knebworth on 23rd June.

The title of the seminar is 'Gluten Sensitivity With or Without Coeliac Disease:

How A ‘Good Food’ Can Become A ‘Sleeping Giant’ Causing So Much Misery'.

I was lucky enough to hear Dr. O'Bryan speak last summer in London- he is a hugely knowledgeable and captivating speaker, who fully explains the difference between gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease, and how serious they both are. He also explains the reasons behind why not everyone immediately feels great on a gluten-free diet!

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We're big fans of Dr O'Bryan but missed this appearance. Thanks for flagging this GlutenNoMore


You're very welcome! Dr.O'Bryan also has a Facebook page where he posts information/videos/audio interviews-


My ticket is booked, thanks for the info - sounds really interesting!

Rather than driving over 200 miles in one day, I thought I would get the tent out that weekend....


Have booked two tickets. As Knebworth is 123 miles away we too may have an overnight stay, perhaps find a Camping & Caravan Club site nearby.


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