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2010 No. 2281 FOOD, ENGLAND The Foodstuffs Suitable for People Intolerant to Gluten (England) Regulations 2010 ... PDF of the new law!

I found a copy of the PDF online of the new law concerning GLUTEN from 1st January 2012 - so thought it might be useful to place it here, for anyone who would like to consult it at any time ....

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It's written in Lawgeek, which doesn't make it easy to understand. I recognise the technical bits; 100 parts per million and 20 parts per million but that's about it so far.


If you access the Glutafin 'Love Food' Club the most recent blog talks about the new ruling in an easy to read format. Interestingly it warns against eating too many of the foods labelled as "very low gluten" (21 to 100 ppm). It also talks of packaging bearing new labels "Suitable for coeliacs" and "Suitable for most coeliacs", so worth a quick spy.


Why simply can't they just legislate that all ingredients and food additives derived from wheat, rye, barley or oats must be declared on the food label.

Then everybody can make their choice to consume or not. Or is this to simple?


Oh and I should add I would not consume products that contain gluten 21 to 100 ppm anytime. Oh unless I was on a desert island and that was all there was to eat.


Hi Philaustin, I think it always pays to see the actual - whether you are able to interpret it all or not. Sometimes others interpretations leave chunks out that can be quite useful pieces of information. It doesn't matter whether it is fully understood or not it is still good to have access to the actual law that has been passed. I am for ---- as much information as I can get hold of as it gives a certain amount of power to both the individual and to the mass of those who may be affected by the act.

Had a look at the 'Glutafin Love Food Club' - Jacks (it isn't very reader friendly and I couldn't find the link that you referred to). Glutafin doesn't appear to be available in my area so can't get to look at exactly what they do so have not been able to feel it and see it on the Supermarket shelf. I would not be tempted to send for products until I had at least tested one of them first. Even then, I have never eaten 'junk' food so wouldn't be tempted by ready meals or such. I am perhaps one of those few people who have never been tempted by or wanted to eat in places like Macdonalds, etc so ... can't miss what you have never been tempted by. I do like some of the DS foodstuffs which are availble from Morrison's and the crackers especially are delicious!

Roscoe, Law is law and has to go through a process before it is passed making it absolute that everyone abides by it so we have to work with the way things are.

What is certain is everyone is making money out of our condition as foodstuffs for Coeliacs are probably the most expensive I have ever come across. Also there are health shops, herb shops etc etc but as yet I have never come across a shop that is dedicated to 'Special' diets .. and sections within other shops for Coeliacs are usually only a shelf or two and that is if you are very lucky .. having once nearly picked up a packet of 'chocolate digestives' in the middle of a shelf of gluten free bread, buns and crackers only to just spot that they were not meant for gluten free eaters has left me fully 'on guard' all of the time. I know that none of us can ever be truly complacent. I would like to see a massive badge that any coeliac can recognise so that we can go shopping and just pick up anything as long as it had that magic label ...............


Look for crossed grains


Roscoe - Query the crossed grains. Why would any of us take the risk of eating them when there are ample varieties of other grains, grasses and pseudocereals to choose from all rich in nutrients. There are over 60 species of amaranth alone and with todays kitchen equipment containing blenders, grinders, etc it is surprising what can be achieved.

I think it is pointless to hang over a precipice and wonder if you will fall when there is an easy path to follow. Life is too short to add additional worries and cares when they are easy enough to avoid.

Perhaps I am lucky - it doesn't bother me if I can't purchase something already manufactured, I can either go without or make it myself I never make it into a problem or fret about it.


Hi we'll be doing some blogs about the new change in the law. Sadly stomach bugs (not gluten) have laid us all low for a bit. 2nd one since Dec so we'll be back to normal blogging on our Tumblr blog and here soon.


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