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The Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2021 (FLMA) is a game-changer for everyone living gluten free!

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Hello everyone,

This is todays hot news from GIG, the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America:

What will the FLMA do?

The FLMA 2021 will help people who are living gluten-free and reading food labels that are currently confusing or misleading.

Through the FLMA, manufacturers will be required to identify any gluten-containing grains used to produce every ingredient on a product’s ingredient list. That means that in addition to wheat (an allergen), barley and rye (grains that contain gluten but are not considered “allergens” by the FDA) must appear on food labels.

The above is courtesy of G.I.G.

This is fantastic news in my opinion as it literally will be a game changer so please support it especially if you're one of our US friends so here's a copy of the proposed bill and how you can support it:

For those of us who struggle with eating gluten free bought goods because of codex this shows real hope in my opinion as international markets are so important so hopefully there will be a knock on effect in the UK. Especially as more and more coeliac aren't happy with the interpretation of codex in the UK so please support this if you can.

In the US Australia/Nz they have had to label wheat derivatives as exactly that for over 2 decades and in Australia wheat derivatives have to be tested to be below 3ppm to be classed as gluten free so we are literally worlds apart in our labelling standards ethos.

So please share this info with other coeliac and those with gluten intolerance on relevant communities and or web sites as this is just starting to happen now and its empowering for us and the world wide gluten free community.

Thank you,


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Just to add to this as there’s a glitch where links aren’t highlighted after a post is edited so here’s more on this important new proposed bill.

Please see:

And here’s a screen shot on how to support this proposed new bill.

How to support FLMA bill.

Excellent news for our US coeliac comrades.


Indeed it is. The UK ones are not great, but have for a long time been better than US. The UK has a list of 14 major allergens, US currently has only 8. In UK, barley and rye have been presented in BOLD for years. I am surprised that this was not the case in US. I think permitted gluten in so called gluten free products should be reduced significantly from the current 20ppm.

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Jerry in reply to BabsyWabsy

Hi BabsyWabsy I think that we should look at other countries definition of gluten feee and food labelling and opt for the best and this is how gluten free is defined in Australia, please see:

And I’m sure that Benjamin123 and others would much prefer the Australian take on gluten free meaning gluten free.

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BabsyWabsy in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry, that is an interesting summary, and shows that tolerance level may depend on the sensitivity of available testing. Our UK 20ppm limit is troubling because gluten can be cumulative, so you could, unknowingly, be consuming a significant amount.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Jerry

Absolutely. When a person avoiding gluten skates past the 'free from' aisle knowing every product there makes them ill, you know there are problems.

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Jerry in reply to Benjamin123

Hey Ben free from what?

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Benjamin123 in reply to Jerry

Free From common sense and good manufacturing practice.

Agree. The levels as set (20ppm) are to benefit food manufacturers cashing in on coeliac/gluten intolerance, not the end users' health. I just see that level as a scam.

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Jerry in reply to Benjamin123

Here’s a link to CSA in case anyone interested:

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Benjamin123 in reply to Jerry

Thank you.

Thanks Jerry,Hope all is well with you.


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Jerry in reply to Narwhal10

Thank you Narwhal10 and everything is from gluten here so happy days.🌞

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