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Have you been diagnosed with hormone problems since going gluten free ?

Some men and women find that they experience hormonal problems after going gf eg higher testosterone (both sexes), thyroid problems, PCOS, endometriosis. Have you found it hard to get a diagnosis as your pelvic pains or symptoms were dismissed due to gluten? What we eat affects our hormones so have you followed an additional diet and cut out other foods e.g. high oestrogen foods, products that cause inflamation eg caffine, alcohol, sodium? How has this worked for you? How did you get diagnosed?

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I had the opposite effect. I had terrible periods - only felt like a reasonable person one week in four and had been offered a hysterectomy for the ferocious pain and bleeding. SInce giving up gluten I have had complelety trouble-free periods - occasionally take a paracetemol but never bed-riden.

Please check that it isn't the xanthum gum in most gf foods that is causing gut problems if you continue to have colic and the squits (sorry, cant spell the D word). I can't eat any at all without trouble.


I'm experimenting with gluten free muffins.I red that konjac flour can be used instead of xantham.Does anyone have any experience?


Xanthan Gum may have wheat as a growing medium, this needs to be checked out if you are sensitive.

Good to hear you are sorting the Girlie problems out.

DIARRHOEA (If it helps)


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