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tooth paste

I do not know if any one else has posted this so I am sorry if I am repeating someones elses observations:--- I was checking -a new to me- tooth paste for bicarb and/or alcohol( my mouth hates it!!!) and, I noted that Xanthum gum was listed, some of you have problems with this substance.

I follow the guidlines of only spitting and not rinsing so I definately swallow some paste,

This paste is the 3Dwhite by Oral-B,

I did not check any other pastes

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Xantham gum acts as a laxative if I eat it, but I'm ok with it in toothpaste. I was worried about it to start with, but it's had no effect. I use a really gentle toothpaste from GreenPeople.

Why not rinse if you are worried about it?


it does not affect me ( thank goodness!) but I was trying to make others aware that it is in some pastes--- some people are very sensitive, I feel really sad for those, as their food choices are dramatically reduced, and as you say it may take something as simple as rinsing to negate the Gums' effect--- if you know the stuff is there in the first place.


Yes, you need to know if there is gum in the first place! It seems to be appearing in more and more products.


I have just been diagnosed with CD and I have a problem with most big brand makes of toothpastes and mouthwastes. They make the side of my mouth/lip come up in sores, I can only use basic ranges (Tesco & Sainsbury's). I've tried to understand what this could be but not had not luck!


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