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Azarga eye drops

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Is anyone here having trouble getting hold of Azarga eye drops?

Thanks for any answers.

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I’m on Azarga. So far I haven’t had any problems getting hold of it. I’ve been on it since August last year

Hi I live in France, there is no trouble getting hold of azarga eye drops here. They have 2 ingredients in them one a beta blocker. They have many side effects .I took them in january for a few days and had severe anxiety attacks. They did reduce my pressure very quickly though. Maybe you will be fine with them I am a very anxious person anyway and do have reactions to drugs. good luck valeriefrance

Thanks for your answer. I have been on them since 2013. Just wanted to know about general availability!

Yes, there have been times when it hasn't been available. The pharmacy will supply generic versions.

Hello. A lot of the time the problem is due to the pharmacists supplier and not the manufacturer themselves. We have been advised by manufacturers in the past that pharmacists can contact them directly for updates.

I had a lot of problems with this issue at the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020. There were at the time three branches of Boots in our small town and none of them had any Azarga. I was able to get a new prescription from the surgery (who were very helpful) and took it to Asda, who had the drops! I have now changed my pharmacy to one which requires a short drive, rather than a walk, but it’s so worth it as the staff at the new shop are brilliant and, so far (fingers crossed) they haven’t failed me. Unfortunately, even before the pandemic, I could get no help from Boots. After the lockdown started, the queues at the Boots branches were so long (one or two hours wait OUTSIDE the shop) that they featured on the BBC’s South Today programme.

When seen prudent, 'stocking up' (taking care not to exceed 'best before dates' for usage) would help put you in control.

~wbic, member glaucoma-uk forum

I would rather not do that do be honest. I get enough for 56 days (I throw them away after 28).

It's your choice of course to not anticipate a recurring shortage by 'stocking up'.

The damage from not taking prescribed eyedrops (perhaps due to not having any to take), can be very concerning imo.

~wbic, member glaucoma-uk forum

Thanks for all the answers, I have been able to get some generics.

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