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Group b strep

Hi I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my 2 nd baby. I carry group b strep and feeling anxious. I found out wen I was 35 weeks with my 1 st girl. She was born healthy and by an emergency section. My labour was awful but worth it. I now hav a funny colour of discharge which I had in my 1 st pregnancy that's how I found out I was group b strep+. Is this normal in early pregnancy. Can't wait for scan to c my baby.

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Huge congratulations on your pregnancy. It's good to know about group B Strep when you're pregnant - whether you know or not won't affect whether you're carrying it, but it can effect what preventative measures can be taken.

Do check out the info on our website at

Carrying group B Strep is not associated with any vaginal symptoms (though sometimes GBS is found because tests are taken because there are vaginal symptoms). The golden rule in pregnancy is 'if in doubt, check it out' - if you have any symptoms you're concerned about, do check them out with your health professionals.


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