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Determined to change this in memory of our Ella & for all babies affected by GBS xx

Firstly hello to everyone in this group :o) we are really glad there is finally a place where we can all post about how we have been affected by GBS & know that we all share a common goal of wanting to save babies from this easily preventable infection. 

We are on here because we lost our beautiful first born daughter Ella Alma Frost on the 10/07/2011. She was 41 weeks and 2 days old, weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces & was 32 cms of total perfection & just looked asleep... i had a 6 day labour & she passed away just 10 mins before her birth. We found out 11 weeks later this was due to Group b strep, the 3 little words that now haunt & define our every day lives. 

We want to share with you our campaigning efforts to date in the hope that it will inspire you! 




The Early Day Motion Raised by our MP Mike Hancock - He was really helpful & we would urge you to contact your MP's and get them to sign this Motion - GBS screening will then be debated in parliament something that has NEVER happened before! -

Natalie & Mike Frost x

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Thanks for your post and the links to your fundraising and awareness event. - you have certainly made such a difference in the short time since precious Ella died, raising huge awareness (and huge funds) for GBSS. Thank you so much.

We set up Health Unlocked as a forum where people affected by group B Strep could share their knowledge and experience with each other. I hope it will be useful and will grow in popularity. i just wanted to point out that it is not a private group (you can set your own posts as private, to be shared only within the group, but the default setting is that anyone viewing can see the posts). In fact, although there are 'only' 33 members of the GBSS community, as of Monday there had been 60 visitors! I just wanted to clarify that as this is a new platform for all of us. Let us know if you find it useful.

We share updates on the charity's activities, including the NSC consultation, parliamentary activity, awareness campaigns, fundraising activities via our website, plus facebook, twitter and e-newsletters.

A parents' conference is a very interesting idea - the charity used to do them many years ago, but we stopped simply because of really low interest/attendance. We're more than happy to consider these again for the future though - thanks for the suggestion.

Again, thank you so much for all you and your family and friends do to raise awareness. I'm sure you will have inspired others to have a go at fundraising and remember Marie in the office will be happy to help anyone thinking of holding an event from coffee mornings to casino nights. These events make such a difference as you know. Anne


I am very please to fiound this site where I can both express myself and letting otheres know about my experience about streb, the only perosn that knows what the implications are the ones who has been through it. It just rips our heart into peices to loose a child to this parasite.