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After effects of GBS?

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what the after effects are from GBS... I have a 17 month old little boy, who unfortunately was infected with GBS, his blood cultures grew sepsis and suspected meningitis... I was induced after being 18 days over my due date, my waters were broken and I was left with my waters broken for over 24 hours & countless internal examinations has made me think I picked the infection up whilst being in the hospital...any way, back to my question... what are the after effects of having GBS. Progression & developmental wise? Thanks in advance

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We don't hold much information about long-term problems caused by GBS infection, since any after effects tend to be specific to the infection caused (eg meningitis, septicaemia, etc), rather than to GBS itself. I'm not sure what sort of ill health your daughter has had - unfortunately, a small number of babies who recover from GBS infection, and up to a half of the survivors of GBS meningitis, will be left with long-term mental or physical handicaps as a result and in one out of every 8 of these babies, the handicap is severe. Brain damage can occur for two reasons. One is meningitis, and the other is in response to a number of stimuli including lack of oxygen and infection. This is much more common in preterm than full-term babies and can occur indirectly as a result of any infection, including GBS.

There is however no evidence that GBS infection leaves a legacy of extra vulnerability to other illnesses, such as coughs, colds, allergies, colic, etc but there is not a lot of information available on this. General information about meningitis and its after effects is available from the charities listed on our website

Sorry we can't be of much help.

Best wishes


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I was born with beta strep pneumonia. I would get bronchitis every winter untill I turned 17 years old. When I get a common cold instead of lasting the normal 14 days that everyone else has it last twice to three times as long. I have a deep bronchial cough. To most people it sounds like it hurts but after the first few years I got use to it. The best medicine is to just let your child live a normal life. They are already going to feel so diffrent because of being so sick as a baby. They will get tired easily and may need more sleep but thats ok its just their body's way of staying healthy. Taking vitamins A & C and eating alot of garlic will help when they do get a cold. I hope this has helped.


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