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after a some what inconclusive skin culture of aspergillus niger,


and many doctors telling me I couldn't have it without compromised immune system, I began having heart problems.

My symptoms consisted of what appeared to be a valve problem, per my internet research. I was running low grade fever, low energy, heart palps, rapid pulse, low blood pressure 100/59, shortness of breath, and inability to exercise or work hard. This continued for about 3 months, and of course I began to feel better by the time I had stress test and ultra sound, which concluded heart was perfectly fine. I thought it might of been aspergillosis trying to invade my heart and since I didn't have a compromised immune system I won the battle. Right before I started feeling better I had a huge on going stress lifted off of me and this seemed to be the turning point.

Even though the infection was cut out of my chin, the skin has grown back very weird and lumpy. I'm not sure if this is normal for scarring or not. It almost looks as if the skin is growing and becoming more wrinkled as it continues. I have probably made it sound worst then what it actually looks, because I would assume most people don't notice it. I have to be close to mirror to see the strange effects. It even kinda feels rubbery.

I would like to know if you think my hypothesis for my strange heart condition, is a reasonable possibility and if I should have another culture of my chin.


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This is highly unlikely to be aspergillosis, and is virtually unheard of unless you have other medical history such as immunocompromisation, heart valve transplant or similar.

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